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Not sure where to leave feedback on the MCRCC. I guess I will leave it here.

I thought it was brilliant to have Senator Knopp speak about the Oregon 13. What they are doing is important to the citizens of Oregon and the morality of our state government. Also, the dems are not following the law and they need to be held accountable. Maybe we can get somebody like Thatcher to speak too. What else can we do to support them? Is there some way to help financially? The speech by Yue was a real sleeper. I have no more patience for the ORP infighting. I thought this was a waste of MCRCC time and we should have spent it discussing ways to support the Oregon 13.

I also would have rather heard from some of the endorsed candidates that were victorious since this was the only election this year. I would like to know what we did to help them and what more we can do next time. I saw Krissy and Satya there.