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Salem Residents sign the referendum! This Payroll Tax will cost on average 506.00 per person working in Salem. The Marion County GOP is working with many community organizations to get this abusive tax referred to the voters. options to sign: Go to to print out the signature sheet. Look for mail that has the signature sheet with a return envelope. Sign and return by Aug 9th. Go to one of the pop up signing locations listed below to sign. Please share this information as well. There will be more locations coming very soon. Thank you, and please support our efforts


Rules for defeating radicals:

Rule #1: Never apologize unless an actual wrong has been committed.

Rule #2: Never engage leftist leaders and activists for the purpose of persuading them with the truth.

Rule #3: Never allow leftists to move past their hypocrisy and lies.

Rule #4: Never accept baseless leftist assertions of “cause and effect,” which are vehemently proclaimed as inarguable truth, but are only enabling propaganda.

Rule #5: Never reflexively accept leftist definitions of good and evil.

Marion County Fair volunteers. We have a double booth this year and are only partly manning the booths. If you want to help coordinate with Carol Williams for details. We will be selling swag, registering Republicans and gathering signatures for petitions. Thank you,

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Interesting video. Take a look. It is very short.

Not sure where to leave feedback on the MCRCC. I guess I will leave it here.

I thought it was brilliant to have Senator Knopp speak about the Oregon 13. What they are doing is important to the citizens of Oregon and the morality of our state government. Also, the dems are not following the law and they need to be held accountable. Maybe we can get somebody like Thatcher to speak too. What else can we do to support them? Is there some way to help financially? The speech by Yue was a real sleeper. I have no more patience for the ORP infighting. I thought this was a waste of MCRCC time and we should have spent it discussing ways to support the Oregon 13.

I also would have rather heard from some of the endorsed candidates that were victorious since this was the only election this year. I…