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Marion County Republicans

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The Following is from The ORP. If you are able to attend the meeting (Zoom call) I will post the link here.

The Chairman's call is scheduled for Monday, May 8th, at 7pm. There is a slight change to the plans.

The Oregon Republican Legislative Caucus has asked for a call with all of the PCPs and Officers.

That will be at 7pm. I will email the link in a separate email. Chairs it is your responsibility to make sure that notice goes out to your County PCPs

The Caucus leadership is hoping for at least 500 participants.

In all my 14 years of active evolvement with the ORP is the first time I recall an event like this taking place. It may have before, if so, it has been a long time ago.

Please send out immediately an urgent message to all of your PCPs regarding this call. There will be a separate email with the call in details.

Immediately after that call, will be the Chairman's call. That zoom meeting is for County Chairs only.

Please be on the look out for one or two emails from me with the links for both calls.

We appreciate your flexibility.

Thank you.

Jo Rae Perkins Secretary, Oregon Republican Party Cell: 541-979-5395


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