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Marion County is the home of Oregon's beautiful capitol, Salem, and is a hub for activity both political and cultural. As Marion County is the hub of Oregon, so too is this website the hub of Marion County.

We believe that the aim of politics is to serve the community by providing them with choices. From policy to leadership, the American system works because the citizens - the voters - are given a choice. Our goal is to present you, as voters, with a viable choice that meets your needs as citizens. 

Please feel free to drop by our suggestion box and let us know what you'd like to see - be it from our party organization, to public legislature, or even an upcoming event you'd like to attend; we'll listen.

Thank you for reading! Welcome to Marion County.

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    Defining Oregon Republicans

    Oregon Republicans will gather in Bend to retool their defining document 22-24 October Amid the cacophony of competing voices seeking to define it, the Oregon Republican Party will convene its biennial convention to retool and refine the document that serves to officially define itself — the ORP Platform. Over two-plus days delegates will examine the existing document to determine which planks need fine-tuning, which should be removed, and whether to add new planks. The document that emerges from the convention will then serve to define the party and unite Oregon's Republican activists and candidates in common cause to elect Republicans to statewide offices for the first time since 1988, as well as additional seats in the Legislature and numerous county, municipal, and special districts around the state.
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    Excited To Re-up

    Not content to let any moss grow under his feet, Marion County Republican Rep. Bill Post (Dist. 25) became the first of our legislative contingent to announce his bid for re-election. His 11 September newsletter was dedicated to the announcement, consisting largely of the press release issued by his office the day prior. "So there you have it! Now it's official and we can press on with the unfinished business you sent me to do in Salem," he commented in the letter, "and that is cut government out of our lives and let business, agriculture and people be free to prosper!"
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