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A. General
MCRCC shall have two Delegates to the ORP Central Committee and additional Delegates equal to the number of voters affiliated with the Republican Party and registered for the Primary Election divided by 15,000. If the remaining fraction is in excess of one-half of 15,000, 1 additional Delegate shall be elected.
The Chair and Vice Chair shall be Delegates and the others shall be elected at the Organizational meeting. An Alternate shall be elected for each Delegate.

B. Election
Candidates for Delegate and Alternate Delegate shall notify the Secretary in writing or electronically of their candidacy no later than 15 days prior to the General Election in the years the Organizational Meeting occurs. The Secretary will send the list of candidates who have submitted intent to run for Delegate and Alternate Delegate positions to voting members no later than 10 days prior to the date of the General Election.

C. Vacancies
Should a Delegate or Alternate Delegate resign, an interim replacement shall be appointed by the Executive Committee to serve until a replacement can be elected at a meeting of the MCRCC.

D. Attendance and Proxies
A Delegate unable to attend an ORP Central Committee meeting must notify the Chair at least 20 days prior to the scheduled date of the meeting. On receiving such notice, the Chair shall notify an Alternate Delegate.

When an Officer or Delegate is unable to attend a meeting of the ORP Central Committee, the next elected Alternate Delegate, in the order of votes received, may be seated at the meeting. In the absence of both as well as the Secretary and Treasurer, a proxy may be seated as provided in Article V, § A of the ORP Bylaws.
The proxy holder must be present at the ORP Central Committee meeting to exercise the rights of the Delegate. The proxy must be written and either hand-delivered or transmitted by USPS by the Chair to the designated holder with a copy transmitted to the ORP seven days prior to the ORP Central Committee meeting.

A proxy holder must be a registered Republican in Marion County for 180 days preceding the meeting.
The proxy form shall be determined by the Executive Committee but must include the name of the MCRCC, the date prepared, the name and address of the proxy holder, the name and office of the Delegate represented, and the signature of the Delegate.

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