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Marion County is the home of Oregon's beautiful capitol, Salem, and is a hub for activity both political and cultural. As Marion County is the hub of Oregon, so too is this website the hub of Marion County.

We believe that the aim of politics is to serve the community by providing them with choices. From policy to leadership, the American system works because the citizens - the voters - are given a choice. Our goal is to present you, as voters, with a viable choice that meets your needs as citizens. 

Please feel free to drop by our suggestion box and let us know what you'd like to see - be it from our party organization, to public legislature, or even an upcoming event you'd like to attend; we'll listen.

Thank you for reading! Welcome to Marion County.

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    Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 06:30 PM
    Keizer Community Center in Keizer, OR

    October 2016 - Training Meeting

    This meeting is for all PCP's, especially new ones! Come learn about some of the technical tools of the party. We'll go over briefly all the online tools we use, some might surprise you. After that we will be giving a more in depth training on GOP Data Center. This is the tool to be using in the precincts to assist in  getting the word out. Time permitting we can get into other systems as well.

    Note, this is NOT a general business meeting. No County Party business will be conducted.

    Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 06:30 PM
    Keizer Community Center in Keizer, OR

    November 2016 Biannual Reorganization Meeting

    State law requires the county central committee of a major political party to hold its organizational meeting "no less frequently than every 25 months". Supposedly, this is because the election of precinct committeepersons at the primary election held each May in even-numbered years dissolves the organization. The traditional time for this meeting, at least in Marion County, is the month of November, between the general election and Thansgiving. This year we will convene the meeting on Thursday, 17 November at 6:30pm. All newly-elected (or re-elected, as the case may be) PCPs should attend this biennial reorganization meeting in order to elect officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) and Delegates (plus Alternates) to the State Central Committee. Those elected will serve for the next biennium. The State Central Committee will hold its organizational meeting in January.

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    What To Do With Time Off

    Adjournment Sine Die June, 2015 Aside from the periodic "Legislative Days" — three days of committee meetings/hearings between sessions held at the Capitol — and perpetual campaigning that mark the life of a member of the House of Representatives serving two-year terms, what else can these legislators do to fill their free time between sessions? After all, it's not like they have lives or families to which they need to attend or anything so mundane as a day job or business to run. For two Marion County Republicans that was not a question too difficult to answer.
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    Everyone Loves a Parade

    Marion County Republicans put some good feet forward in Keizer's annual Iris Festival parade on Saturday, 21 May. Aside from the usual politicians — including State Sen. Kim Thatcher, State Rep. Bill Post, and Marion County Commissioners Kevin Cameron and Sam Brentano — in their celebrity Corvette convertibles near the front of the procession, Denise Quinn Nanke was spotted with "Gator's Radio Experience" co-host Gator Gaynor in the KYKN-1430AM van.
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