2020 Wuhan News

Throughout the first half of the year, many of our Marion County Republican elected officials whose newsletters we reproduce on our site devoted their letters to the topic of the day — the response by the State of Oregon to the impact of the Wuhan virus. We chose to append each newsletter containing new information about resources and actions taken to limit the spread of the virus as an update to what the representative had previously written so that readers could get a complete picture of how each one was approaching the declared emergency. Our normal practice is to replace the older newsletter with the new letter.

As we flip the calendar page to July, the topics presented in the newsletters are less-connected to the virus as the State focuses more on reopening after the much-too-long lockdown imposed by our foolish governor. But since the "state of emergency" remains in force, readers may still have questions about the various resources still available and what the various representatives featured here have to say. For that reason, when it becomes clear that the newsletter has shifted away from it, we will preserve all the writings concerning the Wuhan virus and collect them here for ease of access. There will be a link at the top of the regular newsletter to that individual's collection.

Happy reading!


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