Whose Children Are They?

Sen. Kim Thatcher
Whose Children Are They? August 2022

Dear Friends,

Remember the lockdowns the mask mandates, and school closures? How could any of us forget?!.

My office received, and continues to receive, many complaints from parents about the impacts of these mandates, the physical separation, and the other constraints put on our children. Parents report that their children now need speech therapy and experienced mental health issues. We all have read about how this leads to higher suicide rates. Parents also report that their students were not learning anything, their sports were suspended, and their children's college and future plans were destroyed.

The silver lining is that parents also got to see, directly, what their children were actually learning when they were in school. Many were, and continue to be, extremely alarmed as they became aware of VERY age inappropriate discussions about sexuality and gender confusion! Our public schools are even teaching our kids to judge each other on the basis of skin color!

That's why it was such an honor to attend the Parents' Rights In Education event Saturday night. Suzanne Gallagher is the CEO of the Oregon chapter of this national movement to restore parental rights in our school and I am a strong supporter!

You can learn more about PRIE here: https://www.parentsrightsined.org/oregon.htm



Kim Thatcher
[email protected]

With Suzanne Gallagher

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