Candidate Video Gains National Exposure

Editor's Note: This post is not an endorsement of any campaign by Marion County Republicans.

Dr. Monica Wehby, one of five Republican candidates vying for the opportunity to take on U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley, released a web ad entitled "Keep Your Doctor . . . Change Your Senator". When a TV ad using a similar theme was released in New Hampshire opposing Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Washington Post columnist Chris Cillizza crowned it "the ad every Democrat should be scared of in 2014". Nearly as quickly as the ad posted to YouTube, TownHall columnist Guy Benson featured it in his daily column for the well-known conservative-leaning news and opinion web site.

Benson reports, "Merkley isn't widely viewed as one of the Senate's more vulnerable Democrats, but he's certainly behaving like a jittery incumbent." He goes on to opine, "If he ends up facing a bright, female opponent with the letters 'M.D.' after her name in the general election, he may face some tough sledding — especially if she keeps the spotlight on Obamacare."


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