Congress Needs Therapy

This piece originally appeared in the online publication Northwest Observer Friday, 1 October under the title "Plowhead puts in her Bid for Congress" and over the byline of Margo Logan

Her intelligence analyst experience and skills would uniquely give her an advantage

Angela PlowheadFormer military intelligence analyst, wife of 25 years, mother of two active boys, Psychologist Dr. Angela Plowhead puts in her bid to be the US Representative for the newly-created 6th Congressional District in Oregon.

Dr. Angela Plowhead, former Air Force intelligence analyst, married for 25 years with two active boys and currently a psychologist with a focus on serving veterans, seniors, and people with disabilities, has announced her candidacy for the recently-created 6th Congressional District of Yamhill and Polk counties and portions of Marion, Clackamas, and Washington counties in Oregon.

In an interview with Northwest Observer Dr. Plowhead stated her support for school choice, in that tax money should follow the student. She sees that the unintended consequences of the COVID shutdowns by the teachers' unions and the Oregon public school system has resulted in parents and other Oregonians coming together to provide an even better education for many Oregon children than what the public schools has provided. Oregon has one of the worst public-school systems in the nation.

She noted as well that Oregon has twice the number of incarcerated youths in the nation, homelessness, addictions, high suicide rates, and the lowest high school graduation rates. In her personal testimony as a mom with the school diagnosing her son to have a reading problem, she was told the reason the school was not ameliorating the reading issue was due to 35 children in the classroom with most time focused on behavior problems rather than addressing academic classroom responsibilities. The family then moved, worked extra hard, and created, through private solutions, the support to which their son had a right as an American.

That same can-do American spirit is flourishing across America now as homeschooling has surged along with other creative school option choices that mainstream media are not covering. Scott Adams of the Dilbert comic strip fame said at the beginning of 2021 that the biggest story not being covered in America is the collapse of the teachers' unions and the public school system.

The institutional racism in the public schools in Oregon caused the 2021 Democrat-dominated Oregon legislature to approve a bill and monies to give Black American students an option for school choice. Plowhead, with her own rich bi-racial heritage, said, "School choice; every parent should have school choice." Dr. Plowhead shared from her own childhood experiences of poverty, taking on the challenges of racial prejudice, to serving in the Air Force as an intelligence analyst, achieving a doctorate in clinical psychology, and becoming a small business owner, serving veterans. She related her experiences lobbying state and federal legislatures for the rights and needs of seniors and people with disabilities. She sees her candidacy as one all Oregonians can come to trust as they interact and bear witness to her integrity, her work ethic and commitment to Oregon and to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Proposed CD 6

As the US Representative to Congress from the 6th Congressional District in Oregon, her intelligence analyst experience and skills would uniquely give her an advantage in congressional hearings with the military, as is happening currently with the investigation of the Afghanistan withdrawal including the deaths of thirteen service men. Boots-on-the-ground experience far outweighs mere academic degrees on any subject matter. Dr. Plowhead views as vital to Oregon and America the congressional duty to oversee government agencies and inform the public on matters of deep public concern. Oregon currently has only one Congressman — Peter DeFazio — with any military experience; he served in the Air Force Reserve from 1967-1971. Dr. Plowhead believes her addition to the Congressional team will be valuable to the whole of Oregon.

With more parents in Oregon and across the nation taking control of their children's education and protecting their children, which mirrors her own family's history, Dr. Plowhead welcomes the public to get to know her better so they can decide whether or not they want to give her their vote as the Oregon US Congressional Representative in the newly-created 6th District in Oregon.


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