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September 28 newsletter


Any day now you'll be receiving your ballot. This means it's "all hands on deck" as we need to get out the vote!

So much is at stake. My opponent believes Kate Brown is a "phenomenal" leader and has worked to implement her agenda for the last 7 years. I've yet to talk to a voter in Woodburn, Salem, Gervais, or Brooks who is happy with how that agenda is going.

From the cost of food and diapers, to the permanent homeless camps, to the seemingly random and escalating crime…Kate Brown has failed us. Anthony Medina is more of the same.

We can’t take this election for granted team — it's truly all hands on deck to bring some change!

We have numerous ways in which you can help! First there are two more door-knocking events scheduled in various parts of the district every Saturday:

Two Salem opportunities Englewood team

We also have an upcoming phone calling event at the Oregon Republican Party/Marion County GOP offices on Hawthorne in Salem:

Salem phone banking

Otherwise there will be phone calling at Kevin Mannix's campaign office in Salem every day starting next week

Phone banks

Last week, I was honored to speak to a large group about parental choice and what's best for our kids and their education. I joined Oregon Moms Union at a press conference in front of the Woodburn School District offices. You can see that press conference here:

Rally @ Woodburn schools

My opponent has led the Woodburn School Board in copycatting Kate Brown's agendas in our local schools — and it shows. Parents in Woodburn are saying enough is enough!

Listen…I really need your continued help. Not just for you to vote but to ask EVERY single friend, neighbor, and relative to vote!

Lastly, again, I need your financial help as well to get out the vote. We need to buy more expensive TV ads, digital ads, mail pieces, and other ways to reach voters in the last few weeks!

Can you help?

Donate $25

Donate $50

Donate $100

As always, thank you for your support!

Tracy Cramer

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