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I need your help.

We have been working SO hard for months to get the message out about what is at stake in this election. We can either elect Kate Brown's right hand man or a problem solver who is fighting for affordability, safety, and better schools.

My opponent has been running ads on TV, radio, online and in your mailbox spreading absolute lies about me.

This is an act of desperation and a distraction from his own record… His record as a politician who's been implementing the bad policies of Governor Kate Brown. His belief that she is a "phenomenal" leader. His record of running our local schools into the ground.

More than ever, what I need your help with is volunteering. We need people to make phone calls to voters to remind them not only to vote for me, but to get those ballots in!

We have multiple opportunities for you to help us on the phones. Every day through November 7 we are holding call nights with the Christine Drazan, Kevin Mannix, Kim Thatcher, and Colm Willis campaigns. Will you join us?

Phone banks

We also need people to walk the neighborhoods of my district and knock doors to drop literature about me. This Saturday is our last Saturday door knocking event. Please come join us!

Last Saturday walk

If you can"t volunteer, would you help with a donation to help us counter those attack ads on TV? My opponent is spending tens of thousands of dollars on TV alone.


Let"s together change the direction of Oregon


As always, thank you for your support!

Tracy Cramer

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Our Mailing Address is:
Friends of Tracy Cramer for District 22
5434 River Rd N #248
Keizer, OR 97303


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