First Strike

Tracy Cramer's Opponent Launches
Negative Hit Piece

Ballots in garbage can


And so it begins….. while I've been out all over this district at community events, parades, and knocking on doors of residents, my opponent is nowhere to be seen. So, when a voter sent me a picture of this sleazy mail piece I had to laugh!

Normally I wouldn't give this kind of negative campaigning the time of day, but I thought it was important enough for you to see what I'm up against in this election. Clearly, the other side is going to fight hard and dirty.

And if you're curious about the truth: I vote in most general elections like most voters. I haven't even been eligible to vote for 24 election years!

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But regardless of the exaggerations and attacks, I know we've got this. This is the year to finally achieve change! With your support, we've already raised more than twice the money of my opponent. Our polling shows that voters are ready for an outsider and do not want another close ally of Kate Brown representing them!

We're going to win this and take back our state. I hope you'll stand with me.

You know what we will have to deal with and how desperate my opponent and his backers are to not lose this seat!

Can you chip in and help NOW? $25, $50, $100, or if you can, even more?

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Thank you for your continuted support!

Tracy Cramer

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Our Mailing Address is:
Friends of Tracy Cramer for District 22
5434 River Rd N #248
Keizer, OR 97303


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