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Our schools are quietly transforming curriculum in order to transform our culture and "normalize" behavior and ideologies. This is done in the name of tolerance, equity, diversity, inclusion, etc. Initially these sound like beneficial initiatives, but beware of the deception. Here are just a few examples:

  • Black Lives Matter: Adopted as a social organization and embraced at school, Equity has become the standard by which we measure everything else.
  • Health: Aliases include Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE), Social Emotional Learning (SEL), or Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) all of which include ideas based on a right to sexual pleasure, emphasize feelings over facts or biology, and encourage students to identify however they want, regardless of family values or parental consent (for example, as the opposite sex, non-binary, or a "furry"); currently being implemented in Kinder through 12th Grade.
  • History: Tolerance and oppression are woven throughout Oregon's Social Studies standards. One common curriculum resource used in our high schools is the controversial 1619 Project, which reframes the founding of our country through the lens of slavery, describing our founding fathers as white supremacists and, therefore, discounting much of our countries foundational history.
  • Math: Ethno-mathematics (2+2=5) describes mathematics as racist, as a white supremacist social construct, therefore deeming it inequitable.
  • Science: The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), now with "gender inclusive language".

Teaching Tolerance, a commonly used educational organization from the Southern Poverty Law Center, one who's use is greatly encouraged by district leaders, provides teachers with resources, lessons, and social justice standards. For example, it instructs history teachers in how to put a “queer” spin on nearly every major event in American history.

As a parent, you have the right to Opt your child out of these despicable and inappropriate lessons of indoctrination. Exercise your right now!

Curriculum Used by SK24J and Evaluation Tools from produces the videos being used by My Future: My Choice, which is the curriculum being used by SKPS. has created cartoon videos to teach kids about a plethora of sexual topics including that masturbation is fun and porn is always age appropriate. They have 229.5K subscribers and 38K views on their YouTube page since launching in 2016.

My Future My Choice Curriculum
My Future My Choice- Harmful Analysis Tool
Rights, Respect, Responsibility (3R’s) Curriculum
Rights, Respect, Responsibility (3R’s)- Harmful Analysis Tool



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