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DR SATYA CHANDRAGIRI, TRANSCRIPT BY KYKN RADIO Press statement 9/29/2022 6:30 pm Fellow Salem and Keizer residents and parents: I stand here today ethically troubled by what we’ve come to.I am not here to tell you that we aren't going through one of the toughest times in recent history in our public schools or facing unprecedented challenges that most of us in public offices or leadership have ever experienced before or question the motive of anyone in public offices. We a...

Do you know what your child is reading at school?

Across the country, parents and others have been shocked at the type of books readily available to children at Elementary through High School, with explicit language, graphic pornography, violent sex, pedophilia, racism and white shaming! Many professionals have recognized the content as grooming children into homosexuality or transgenderism. One teacher told me that it was important to check the free reading section in your child's classroom, an area for kids to read when they have spare time. This is often where the more controversial material can be found in the younger grades.

Pornography and books that sexualize children are not protected by the 1st Amendment! It's crucial to protect what goes into a child's mind because that is who they become. How they think determines everything else in their life!

This past year there have been two Reconsideration Requests for books found in the Salem Keizer Public School libraries. One for the book, Stamped for Kids, Racism, Anti-Racism, and You, by Ibram X. Kendi, Jason Reynolds, and Sonja Cherry-Paul. It's a New York Times Bestseller about the history of racism in America. The book is marketed to 6-10 year olds although Amazon now says it is for middle and high school-aged children. The book shames white people and centers on the oppressed "trauma" of black and brown children. It is full of historical inaccuracies while passing itself off as fact to an age group that does not have the perspective to judge it accurately. A formal complaint and open letter was started by Mandy Breitenstein, a former SKPS teacher and the founder of 100 Acre Academy, a private, Christian micro-school in Dallas and Stayton.
The other book brought for Reconsideration was Gender Queer, a comic book promoting gay sex with graphic pictures of boys giving one another blow jobs and how to masturbate in various situations, and discussing with their sister if they have tried tasting themselves. It's disgusting and has no business polluting young minds. Yet, the District Reconsideration Committee unanimously declared it was appropriate to keep calling it,
"an excellent example of a memoir... it promotes literacy and accessibility through the graphic format and it has modern language suitable to our students today.
"Books like
Gender Queer are necessary to reach an underserved community within local schools, that allows them to feel included in literature."

PEP,, shows you exactly which books contain obscene content, and they also offer great action steps. While they are geared toward North Carolina schools and legislators, you can easily translate their advice to your home state.

Go to to see if these books are in your child's school library.
For action steps on what you can do to see them removed
go to:

Are these BOOKS in your child's school?

A new organization, SK Education First is sponsoring a
Salem-Keizer School Board RECALL
for three board members:
Former Chair Osvaldo Avila,
Current Chair Ashley Carson-Cunningham, and
Chair Karina Guzman-Ortiz

Petitions to sign can be downloaded at:

All three will need to be recalled to gain a conservative majority. SK Education First is shooting for 20,000 signatures for each of the candidates. If enough signatures are collected, the school board members in question will have the opportunity to step down. Otherwise the RECALL will go to a special election.

Seven School Board Directors serve for four years on a staggered rotation in the Salem Keizer District. The next school board election is in May of 2023. The terms of these three run through June 2025. If recalled, the vacant position(s) will be filled through appointment by the remaining School Board Directors.

You can hand in signed petitions:

  1. At the MCGOP office — 752 Hawthorne Ave. NE (503-364-0747) — on:
    Monday & Wednesday from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
    Tuesday & Thursday from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

  2. Or a volunteer will pick up your sheets. Call Jane (503-507-6940) to arrange.

  3. Or they can be mailed to:
    Salem Keizer Education First
    PO Box 8099
    Salem, OR 97303



SCHOOLS have forgotten to educate
  1. The priorities are wrong:
  2. They are focused on feelings instead of learning.
  3. Pornography is commonplace as moral standards have been dismantled.
  4. The Menstruation Dignity Act in grade school included 4 new laws and detailed instructions, putting tampons in the elementary boys bathrooms.
  5. Transgender policies trample over the rights of other students.
  6. We are one of the worst rated Districts for education in the nation!
    The 2022 assessment results came in: 21% of tested students in Salem-Keizer were proficient in math compared to about 30% statewide, 24% proficient in science compared to 29.5% statewide, and 33.5% of students were proficient in English, with about 95% participation compared to 43.6% of students and 86% participation statewide.


SCHOOLS lack transparency regarding:
  • safety
  • discipline
  • how decisions are made
  • how committees are formed; who is on them
  • and how policies come to be
SCHOOLS leave parents out
SCHOOLS put children in charge
SCHOOLS neglect to collect relevant helpful data
SCHOOLS play vocabulary shell games


SCHOOLS cost to society is enormous by failing to prepare kids
  1. loss of proficiency,
  2. loss of standards,
  3. loss of graduation value,
  4. loss of innocence,
  5. loss of childhood
  6. loss of future,
  7. lost income & extra taxes,
  8. lack of order,
  9. lack of respect,
  10. lack of opportunity,
  11. lack of safety,
  12. dumbing down
  13. lack of expectations
  14. lack of hope that I can change my life because the system is rigged
  15. unprepared graduates create extra taxes in social burdens up to $29,000

RALLY OCT 11th, 6-8 pm

at the Support Services Center

Salem-Keizer Education First image


It's a good time to confirm that you are registered to vote

because with the updates at the DMV, some people got dropped or automatically filed as Non-Affiliated.

VOTEREF.COM is a free resource to see who is and isn't registered to vote at your address. Please share and use it to help us clean up the voter rolls!

Be Influential ...

the SECOND TUESDAY at 6 pm
NEXT is OCTOBER 11, 2022
by Zoom

You can watch it on CCTV, YouTube, or the school board website.
Superintendent Perry decided to close it to the community because of adults that were creating an unsafe environment. This was not true. The issue of transparency is front and center in the battle for respectful engagement. (I thought the School Board was supposed to be in charge, not the Superintendent...?!)

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