Rep. Sherrie Sprenger — House Dist 17

Rep. Sherrie SprengerUnlike 2016, Marion County (and Linn County) Republican Rep. Sherrie Sprenger will face a Democrat opponent in November. Even so, she, like most of the Republican candidates on this page, won the IPO nomination (write-in votes) and nearly three times more Republicans turned out to vote than Democrats.

Rep. Sprenger remains quite popular among her constituents and the compliment paid her by the editorial staff of Salem's Statesman-Journal in 2012 that she "epitomizes the concept of the citizen-legislator" still holds.

Having served on the Lebanon School board and with the Lebanon High School Warriors among her constituents, she has led the fight against political correctness for school mascots. As House Republican Whip it is evident that she has the respect of her fellow legislators, too.

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