Kim Thatcher

Landlord Compensation Fund
April 2021

Dear Friends,

The following note and important links have come to my office from the desk of Nicole Stingh (Stoenner) of Oregon Housing & Community Services:

Landlord Compensation Fund:  Round Two Open Now - May 17th

Are you a landlord with past due rental payments? The Landlord Compensation Fund can help! The program covers 80% of past due rent (April 2020 – now) for tenants with a signed declaration of financial hardship if a landlord agrees to forgive the other 20%. The first round will cover rental debt for approximately 12,000 tenants and helped more than 1,900 landlords. More relief resources are available now!

Round two is now open. Please note this program is not first-come, first serve, and applications will be open until May 17th. If you are interested in applying in the second round, please see this check list. Visit the Landlord Compensation Fund website for more information.

As referenced above, the first round applications will provide financial relief to thousands of Oregonians, landlords and renters alike, across the state. The map below shows where assistance will be distributed. Our Public Housing Authority partners will verify ownership, make payments to landlords, and notify tenants that their rent has been forgiven in the coming weeks.

As I have shared in the past, we made improvements to the LCF Application Portal that will make it easier for landlords and property managers to submit required documentation. Even with these improvements, there still may be occasional glitches due to the expected high volumes of applicants. Please reach out to me directly if you hear concerns for constituents so we can quickly resolve any issues.

The Landlord Compensation Fund is not the only rental assistance program currently open. Renters can access assistance through regional community action agencies. Additionally, OHCS will open the new federal Emergency Rental Assistance program next month. Please be on the lookout for additional housing resources in the coming weeks!



Nicole Stingh (Stoenner)
Senior Legislative & Government Relations Coordinator
Public Affairs Division | Oregon Housing & Community Services
725 Summer St NE, Suite B | Salem, OR 97301
C:  971-707-0091
[email protected]
Pronouns: she|her|hers

This may impact you. Please check it out (the links have all the information)!


Senator Kim Thatcher
Senate District 13
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