Brian Boquist

Brian Boquist

May 12, 2019 


You are owed an update from the Oregon State Senate given the expanding culture of employee harassment, sexual abuse, and retribution that now permeates every decision behind the news stories. Including the present stalemate over quorum to pass partisan policy bills. However, please note daily legislative business continues though at a more deliberate pace until such time Peter Courtney, using Mason’s rules, attempts to use violent force to have political prisoners’ drug to the Senate Floor in handcuffs then chained to their desks.

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Back to rampant employee abuse and sexual harassment in the Oregon State Senate being promoted by Senate President Peter Courtney. Despite multiple continuing complaints the Senate Democrats continue to protect their leader. Think you all know I asked Senator Courtney to resign and have pressed for civil and criminal investigations after he used $1.3 million in tax dollars to cover up the scandal as reported in the news. I am preparing a lawsuit for Circuit Court to recover the misappropriated funds Mr. Courtney spent to cover up his own harassment of legislative employees.

While some news organizations are helping with the cover up in order to promote urban Portland political agendas here is a video for you to consider:

Wasted Taxpayer Dollars in Capitol Harassment Lawsuits

Peter Courtney

Then there is this link: Sen Courtney Continues Harassment Cover Up

To improve the culture at the State Capitol please email telling him to stop abusing employees and harassing women. I believe rational people either “R” “D” “I” or “NAV” do not support sexual harassment but often do not confront it. Remember, “evil prevails when good men do nothing.” Or if you support harassment, like the status quo in the Oregon State Senate, then email your support for him. Regardless of your opinion, make your voice heard by doing something and leave Peter Courtney a message at 503-986-1600.

The present hot topics in the Oregon State Senate are as follows:

HB 3437 Gross receipts substitute sales tax to increase general fund revenues for pet projects and programs.  Each billion will cost you roughly $250 dollars.  This is the salary increase bill for teachers according to the majority budget Co Chairs at their closed door briefing to GOP Senators and Representatives. The single most important item in the budget is to increase teacher salaries we were told by the Co-Chair. This bill is hyped as a funding increase for K-12 schools but it is not. Behind the scenes it has always been a general fund increase. This present legislature cannot bind next year’s legislature without a constitutional vote of the people. Last week, at least Senator Courtney told the truth in the House Education Committee stating pass the sales tax then we can divert existing general fund school revenue to other pet projects and programs. See President Courtney’s tax and spend statement at the public hearing.  

HB 2020 the multi-billion dollar 16 to 85 cent per gallon carbon tax on gasoline and rural manufacturing, along with forest sequestration, and other Carbon Czar restrictions on rural Oregon. Despite minority efforts to actually reduce emissions, increase electric car utilization, build a statewide electric charging network, and help lower income Oregonians cope in the future, this bill remains a special interest cash cow. It is clear we need to continue to reduce emissions along with protecting environmental gains but so far the near majority are not interested in meaningful bipartisanship. These environmental issues are vexing as Oregon no longer even picks up its garbage while we have switched to roadside holes in the ground instead of restrooms with flush toilets. Oregon could be truly ‘green’ if the profit motive was removed while both sides worked together.

HB 3063 changes present law for big pharma's and the rich doctor's cash cow expansion promoted by special interest campaign donations to increase their profits. It strips away all parental rights for timing children’s vaccinations in concert with their doctors while effectively eliminating all medical exemptions in the name of profits. Of the thousands of opponents to the bill that came to the State Capitol, I personally did not meet one, and I quote ‘anti-vax’ers” or ‘bots’ as the majority Democrats called these young parents in the hearings and the floor of the House. The parents I met want the ability to work with their doctors to determine what is best for their child, not simply hand a wad of cash to profiteers. We need to put all children first.

HB 2007 is an effect ban on diesel engines. It remains unworkable for rural farm forest tourists in Oregon, and the trucks that deliver your food, clothing, and consumer products for your everyday needs cannot be banished. Everyone wants to reduce exhaust and emissions but banning the supply chain life line will have dire consequences to rural districts. Then nobody can explain how urban Portland will survive without food and consumer goods. The minority has been trying unsuccessfully to negotiated diesel engine conversion with incentives and diesel fuel utilization reduction but as the news says, you cannot negotiate with yourselves.

SB 978 best described by Senator Linthicum is a firearms bill that keeps changing behind the scenes. It actually is a combination of firearms bills that certainly do not mesh well together. This creates serious statutory challenges but so far Senator Courtney and Senator Burdick, who lack even a majority on this bill, have been unwilling to work on solutions. To be fair, the original bill had some good qualities but they do not outweigh the bad qualities along with stripping the Legislature’s oversight of both the Oregon and U.S. Constitution. The bill number has become so toxic it’s number needs retired. To be realistic, some firearms bill will most likely pass but I have no idea what right now.

For the sake of shortness, these are honorary mention bills that constituents have contacted us about over the past two months; HB 2016 called the Janus Work Around bill, SB 750 called the bounty hunter bill due to lawsuit expansion, HB 2014 that returns certain wrongful death lawsuit caps back to pre-court changes, SB 1008 juvenile justice reform that already passed the Senate, and HB 2005 family medical leave. Some of these have passed, some will get modified no doubt, and some will be back next Session. SB 1049 public employee retirement changes.

As always, you can go to the Oregon Legislative Information System to search details on each bill. Hit the link above then click on ‘Bills’ in the upper right corner then enter the bill number to search. Or search OLIS on your search engine.

Also, most of these bills have been in the news so an online search of the bill number prefaced by Oregon will get you articles on all sides of each issue for your consideration.

Today, the most important thing you can do is to tell President Peter Courtney your opinion on any of these bills by emailing now or calling 503-986-1600 or leaving a message on his answering machine after hours is best at 503-986-1600.

Remember Oregon State Senate rules means President Courtney personally controls the failure or passage of every bill in the legislature regardless of committee or chamber approval. He can personally block any bill per the Senate Rules passed by the majority. The Oregon State Senate is not a republic or democracy. It is a complete oligarchy so email Senator Courtney at or leave an evening message at 503-986-1600.

While we only have 1.5 staff please feel free to email us short comments, concerns, and positions on bills, though, we can easily get a 1000 emails per day. Thus you may not get an immediate reply but we will try to reply even if later in the Session. FYI, the state government system strips off most spam, quarantined, and bulk emails so we may not ever see them, especially if the emails have mass or bulk addresses, so personalize emails up front, to avoid an unintentional trip to SPAM.

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