Brian Boquist

Brian Boquist

June 19, 2021

News Told, Rumors Heard ... Facts Buried

Welcome to this week's alternative clips for your consideration.

Given the legislature is in its last gasps as it closes constitutionally on the 28th I will forgo comments this week, but will encourage you to track OLIS since all kinds of bills will rise from the dead this week then pass into law. Be prepared.

Below are the clips prepared by the volunteers:


Oregon students shouldn't have to prove they can write or do math [behind paywall] (basic elements of education) to get a diploma, lawmakers decide. Students in the class of 2021 did not have to prove they could write or do math at a basic level to earn their diplomas. A bill headed to Gov. Kate Brown would prohibit any such requirement at least until 2027.

Independent Sen. Boquist and Democrat Sen. Burdick worked together on Senate Bill 139 [behind paywall], which would eliminate the break for businesses with more than $5 million in annual profits, while reducing tax rates for businesses with income up to $1 million a year. Contrary to rumors, the small businesses do actually receive a tax cut under the bill.

Last week's newsletter covered how House Republicans joined with leftist Democrats to expel Rep. Mike Nearman (R-Independence) from the legislature. Former Rep Nearman is now seeking reappointment to his old seat.

Eviction moratorium extended:  The Oregon House has passed SB 278 to extend eviction protections for tenants who applied for renters assistance.

"Property Tax Relief Bill for Victims of Wildfire Clears Senate"

"Your Tax Dollars Will Be Going to Politicians":  HB 2680, introduced by State Representative Dan Rayfield (D-Corvallis) allocates $6 taxpayer dollars, for every eligible dollar received, up to 100K per house seat, and 200K per senate seat, if a political candidate meets certain criteria.

School choice measure dies:  Senate Republicans attempted to vote on SB 659, a bill that would allow parents to enroll their children in any public school in the state — no matter where they live. Democrats voted it down, determined to keep more Oregon schoolchildren in already failing public schools.

Bill bans "love letters" in homebuying process.

"Sen. Thatcher protecting public records from political interference"

  • This battle is even more important, especially as national state-run media news anchors suggest that parents and grassroots organizations are abusing open public records laws to root out Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools. The state-run media has a problem with parents trying to find out what their children are being taught in publicly funded schools.

Oregon Democrats support leaving children that survive abortion to die.


Oregon's allegedly "sickest" COVID-19 patients are not vaccinated. If bribes don't work, they will ramp up the fearmongering.

Some Oregon counties shift COVID risk levels Friday as state nears 70% vaccine benchmark. Marion County will not see a shift in risk levels until after the legislative session ends, sine die, on June 27. The Democrats want to keep the people out of the Capitol.

Gov. Kate Brown continues to ignore the elderly in Oregon. Facilities with Executive Orders in place as of June 15 because of COVID-19 cases or suspected cases, are as follows:

  • 14 nursing facilities;
  • 34 assisted living or residential care facilities; and
  • 4 adult foster homes.

As the elderly are ignored, so are children. Across the nation, youth suicide attempts increased 31% amid COVID-19 pandemic, CDC says. Adults are making children suffer so they, the adults, feel safer. This is the exact opposite of how society should work.

Remember:  This 2-year-old toddler and family were dragged off a plane for a toddler failing to comply to a discriminatory face mask rule, yet in November, it was fine for Democrat celebrations in the streets, sharing bottles of champagne. Or violent riots, coughing up tear gas, for months on end in Portland. This is a double standard and an attack on the family.

VIDEO:  Israeli schoolchildren erupted in cheers when they were told by their teacher that they could remove their masks. The teacher told them, "I want to inform you that the government has ruled that from today you no longer need a mask." Kids do not need to wear masks. It is cowardice of any adult to require a child to wear a face mask to make the adult feel safe.

SO GROSS:  A group of Florida parents sent their kids' face masks to a lab for analysis. From the article:  "Half of the masks were contaminated with one or more strains of pneumonia-causing bacteria. One-third were contaminated with one or more strains of meningitis-causing bacteria. One-third were contaminated with dangerous, antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens…. The face masks studied were new or freshly-laundered before wearing and had been worn for 5 to 8 hours...".

So much for the May 2020 "Western States Pact", when Oregon joined with other states to make similar COVID-19 government overreach decisions. Gov. Brown and Gov. Inslee refuse to reopen their states, while California Gov. Gavin Newsom "benevolently" lifted the COVID-19 restrictions in California. Why? Because he is facing a recall. The most unfortunate aspect of the above paragraph is about how these governors have the power to take and give Americans their freedoms. America should be different because we don't get our freedom from the government.

Two-tiered society already forming:  NFL players sound off on league's vaccine policy.


VIDEO:  Father explodes at CRT during school board meeting

VIDEO:  Excellent video by investigative journalist Christopher Rufo. The video breaks down what Critical Race Theory (CRT) is and how to fight back.

On Twitter, Mr. Rufo says, "You'll be surprised to hear this, but this New Yorker profile is an accurate, fair, and thoughtful account of my fight against critical race theory. My sense is that many center-left liberals are starting to turn on CRT." Read the article here.

"Biden, Harris Use 'Juneteenth' Federal Holiday Signing To Imply America Is Still Systemically Racist"


A tow truck driver was shot and killed while moving cars at Hillsboro apartments because the suspect was upset that the vehicles were being moved and fired several shots, killing the driver. Someone justified one's emotional reaction to murder an innocent human being just doing one's job?!

Entire Portland Police Rapid Response Team resigns after indictment charges were brought against an officer with misdemeanor fourth-degree assault for "use of force" against a "protester". Don't forget, "protesters" (aka rioters) assaulted law enforcement without consequence, vandalized the streets of Portland night after night, and were throwing glass bottles, paint, rocks, ball bearings, and other projectiles at officers. Some officers may have permanently lost their vision due to lasers.

"PDX to invest $150,000 in Failed Housing Policy"


A group of Houston Methodist employees who sued the hospital system over its COVID-19 vaccine requirement have appealed a ruling dismissing the case. Over the weekend, U.S. District Judge Lynn N. Hughes tossed the lawsuit [behind paywall]. State-run media USA Today is touting [behind paywall] the Houston hospital as "paving the way" to force employees to get the COVID-19 experimental vaccine.

Even if you willingly got the COVID-19 jab, it is critical to stand in the gap and defend the medical freedom for all Americans.

Remember when "they" said inflation wasn't happening in an effort to protect aging, ailing, Biden? Federal Reserve officials say they might need to raise interest rates sooner than expected to keep inflation from spiraling out of control. The Fed doesn't plan to curb the stimulus package because why would they be opposed to printing more money and saddling the debt to future generations?

"New Book Publisher Caters to Conservative Voices It Says Are Being Silenced" [behind paywall]:  All Seasons Press, led by two industry veterans, backs right-wing authors as mainstream houses face growing disputes over editorial decisions.

After Atlanta mayor banned police pursuits, video shows law enforcement doing NOTHING after innocent people are shot during drive-by:  Residents of affluent Buckhead say its a war zone and demand to secede. GET OUT OF CITIES.

Social media influencer declares pro-life views to his 26 million followers.

Catholic doctors in the UK are under investigation, and could potentially lose their medical licenses, over providing abortion-reversal treatment.

From this article:  "Few women know about the option to reverse a medical abortion, which may be in part because few physicians and nurse practitioners are educated in abortion pill reversal. But it's important that women be informed of all their options for their moments of crisis, whether in the middle of the day or the middle of the night. The Abortion Pill Rescue Network, or APRN is a hotline that connects women to a global team of more than 1,000 doctors who can prescribe safe and effective medicine to help reverse a medication abortion and salvage a woman's pregnancy, even after she has ingested an abortion-inducing drug."

The Atlantic aids child groomers and pedophiles in how they communicate with kids. This is not a coincidental article as Nickelodeon and Sesame Street embrace highly sexual content in child shows. Child abuse has been ignored at the migrant facilities on the southern border.

Watch about Revolver News's piece about January 6th:  "Unindicted Co-Conspirators In January 6th Cases Raise Disturbing Questions Of Federal Foreknowledge". One guest goes over the alleged involvement of FBI operatives who organized and participated in the January 6th Capitol riot. Ask yourself why Fox News is suddenly prioritizing the events of Jan. 6 after making decisions to push it to the background.

"White House calls Capitol riot a 'terrorist attack', introduces Pentagon anti-radicalization to stop the 'lethal' rise of 'white supremacy' in the military, and pushes to 'purge' the internet of 'extremist content'"

Six Seattle police officers who attended Jan.6 rally are being forced to prove their innocence in a city investigation by handing over private texts and photos under threat of termination. Due process?


From this article, published days ago:  "More than one in three Americans believe that Joe Biden is weak on China. With the president recently opting to revoke [behind paywall] a Trump-era attempt to ban Chinese-owned apps, their beliefs appear to be valid. TikTok, one of the apps Biden decided not to ban, is one of the fastest growing social-media platforms in the world. It also appears to be very dangerous."

The Chinese TikTok app exploded in popularity in 2020, right at the same time the USA was on lockdown, and has 1.9 billion users. All of these people are providing TikTok, and the CCP, with data like "faceprints", which are digitally recorded representations of a person's face, and "voiceprints", which are digital recordings of a person's unique vocal characteristics. Why does the CCP want this info on Americans? Why isn't Biden protecting Americans from this invasion of privacy?

"Canon Installs Smile Recognition Technology In Chinese Offices; Employees Can Only Enter Rooms If They Smile"

From April 2020:  "China's island fortifications are a challenge to international norms"

From April 2020:  China has a bigger navy than America. Does that matter?

From September 2020:  "This BLM Co-Founder and Pro-Communist China Group Are Partnering Up. Here's Why"

"Chinese-language anti-communist media and Twitter are abuzz this week with rumors that a vice-minister of State Security, Dong Jingwei defected in mid-February, flying from Hong Kong to the United States with his daughter, Dong Yang," The Daily Beast reported.

U.S. debt to China. Why is it important?


We provide some advice each week in this column. I believe most of you are doing your best to be prepared, for any emergency. Take a look at the warning in California a few days ago, of possible brown outs of electricity during the hottest period of the year. What may happen here is anyone's guess.  Each day I wake up to a new, a different America. I still love the old America, so I am doing the best I can to keep that alive, not just in my memory, but in my life. You may be the same. My garden is doing very well, and so is my orchard. The recent rains have helped immensely; oh, and we had our hay in prior to the deluge. We are people of prayer, and I say all we have to do is work and God will take care of everything else. Oh, and we like to work. This week celebrate your dads, and look forward to the Fourth of July. Get the bar-be-que ready and celebrate and thank the Almighty. This year 4th of July is on a Sunday, so give the Almighty a special thank you. Be at peace with your projects and plans, and "dig in".

I do want to point to an interesting situation in the closing days of the Legislature where corporate lobbyists are doing their best to block tax cuts on Oregon’s small businesses. No surprise given the big guys have been kept open by Kate Brown, and the federal politicians have given billions to Oregon's corporate establishment over the past 18 months. You will pay in the end.

SB 139 and SB 727 are two completely optional small business tax cuts opposed by corporations and their political establishment legislators of which most are registered Republicans. If you are a small business owner making less than $5 million in profit you very likely would see your taxes cut by joining the program so read the summaries carefully:

If you actively operate an S-Corp, LLC or LLP, you would very like pay less taxes on pass-through income so I would suggest sending along the above summaries and the below actual bill language to your accountant, bookkeeper, or tax consultant:

You can always simply listen to the sheep propaganda from corporate America if you want to pay more taxes to Kate Brown and Joe Biden but suggest you do the research yourself if you are a small business owner. Likewise, be careful not to listen to the talking heads and front organizations who work for the globalists. You might even contact your State Representative to tell them to cut small business taxes instead of backing the establishment corporations goal of destroying small business. House legislative contacts.

You may be interested in seeing who got Payroll Protection Program grants in Oregon totalling nearly $10 billion dollars. It is not just businesses but non-profits, doctors, lawyers, and even churches who agreed to close ... what a deal. Look up your business competition or favorite organization to see who benefitted. Oregon PPP grant search.

"Government serves government not the Public" unless you push back. Contact your legislator.

We will all be watching to see if Kate Brown extends her emergency powers this weekend.

As always, you and your family need to get prepared for what is to come plus follow the legislature on the Oregon Legislative Information System.

De oppresso liber.



Senator Brian J. Boquist
District 12
Oregon State Senate

“Government serves government not the People.”


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