Brian Boquist

Brian Boquist

January 16, 2022

Sabbatical & Links

The Weekly Clips is on sabbatical at the moment. We are re-sending the list of alternative links for your own research with a couple of additions. This is the one-time U.S. Supreme Court link to NFIB v. OSHA, 13 Jan 22 [PDF] regarding Comrade Biden's vaccine mandates. Biden promises to block funding and resources to his political opponents who do not 'voluntarily' ignore the courts. It is clear, Comrade Roberts in the end will guarantee establishment controls over the people. DO NOT be fooled as the U.S. Supreme Court only issued a delay (stay) on the vaccine mandates on January 13, 2022. The mandate was not struck down, or ruled unconstitutional at all, despite media bullshit. Read it yourself at the above links.

There are a lot of claims online regarding Bill Gates's supposedly new positions on covid which really has not changed. This is a decent link for exact quotes but Comrade Gates is still promoting vaccines yearly along with other mandates. Gates link. His position is important given the huge donations to Democrats in Oregon's Governor primary race.

The legislature will have a short session in February 2022 but expect little. Very limited. No bills can be introduced now. No bill can get a work session or pass the legislature per the legal rules [PDF] without Senate President Peter Courtney's personal approval, and whomever is the Speaker of the House. If you want a bill passed you need to contact Mr. Courtney. There will be no hearings in the building. The Oregon Capital looks like a third world dictatorship's bunker complex. Intentionally. The rotunda is open but you will be searched upon entry because citizens cannot be trusted. The legislature no longer represents citizens or the people. Legislation is done in secret, there is no real debate, and citizen input is for the record only. Though as always, a few good things might happen with the bad. Research the Legislature yourself. Follow the bill charade yourself on OLIS.

Being prepared for the future cannot be emphasized enough. Whether a veteran, farmer, forester, tradesman, doctor, nurse, hunter, sportsman, or whatever, you can prepare in the city and rural areas with your neighbors. Remember, even with the pandemic, the CDC Director says obesity is the #1 co-morbidity with four or more co-morbidities being the real cause of death for over 75% of all covid cases. Strange change of positions, but after two years, losing weight or staying in shape is an individual's #1 defense to most illnesses. While mainstream media and big tech are denying she said it, the interview with her exact words are easily found once past the attempted tech and media censorship. Good practice for your own resourcing.

Government serves government not the People.

De oppresso liber.

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Extra graphics to compare and contrast:

Oregon Health Authority media and public quote on Friday 1/14/2022:

"COVID-19 hospitalizations"

  • "The number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 across Oregon is 811, which is 34 more than yesterday. There are 153 COVID-19 patients in intensive care unit (ICU) beds, which is nine more than yesterday."
  • "There are 42 available adult ICU beds out of 666 total (6% availability) and 222 available adult non-ICU beds out of 4,122 (5% availability).”

Actual OHA and hospital reports to the United States Government in regard to 9401 licensed beds on 1/14/2022:

  • Staffed ICU beds on this date – 792
  • Staffed ICU beds in use – 614
  • Staffed ICU beds with covid – 141
  • Staffed ICU beds available – 178


  • Staffed inpatient beds on this date: 7130
  • Staffed Inpatient beds in use – 5718
  • Staffed inpatient beds with covid – 919
  • Staffed inpatient beds available - 1412


Oregon is telling the federal government there are 7130 staffed beds but telling the public it is 4122 beds or 4122 + 666 for 4788?

Oregon is telling the federal government there are 792 ICU beds but telling the public it is 666 ICU beds?

So the federal government is told 20% of inpatient beds are open and available. Not 5% citizens are told by corporate media. Why?

So the federal government is told 22% of ICU beds are open and available. Not 6% citizens are told by corporate media. Why?

Who is the liar? OHA has been making excuses and lies to the legislature since March 2020 regarding hospitalization. The reports to the federal government by hospitals and state government are mandatory for funding. It is the same data set. Follow the money to find the truth.

Beds Total 14 Jan 22

 ICU Beds 14 Jan 22

The biggest problem is Oregon dropped from nearly 8800 staffed beds in March 2020 down to 4788 claimed beds by OHA. There is nobody to blame for this loss other than Kate Brown, Pat Allen, Dean Sidelinger, and the hospitals themselves. Nobody. And now we have real shortages in some communities.

Follow the money. Keep book on these crimes against humanity. Be prepared.

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