Brian Boquist

Brian Boquist

April 30, 2022

Free Speech

Welcome to the bi-weekly clips prepared by young Oregonians for your consideration with your other sources of information including the socialist corporate media which appears to be having it's own identity crisis.

Given the largest stock market fall since 1970 happened Friday and the GDP is declining, despite Biden and Congressional free spending, it is past time to get prepared. Though Biden's intentional food crisis is really a few months away as we are presently buying one- and two-year-old food in the supermarkets, it is not too late to make minor preparations. Just yesterday, we were in Winco which was well-stocked and well-priced, so that $100 of food could go a long way.

Last week we got a small victory in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals regarding the Oregon State Senate, but I will let the biweekly clip writers explain below, except this statement I released to the media which was ignored:

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling reaffirms free speech, legislative debate, and the status of elected officials who are not "employees" of the government. Legislators are elected to represent the citizens of their districts not the government establishment. The question now is whether the Senate President will support the rule of law, sit down to mediate so this never happens again, or he instructs the Attorney General to go back into the courtroom. We shall see if the rule of law matters.

I've been asked by lots of people about the primary elections, so I will make some comments and observations of people's perceptions at the end of the clips. However, remember to vote and return your ballot even if voting for "none-of-the-above" as a Write-In.

Below are the bi-weekly clips for your consideration:

Free speech saw a victory in Oregon this week. After facing humiliation for heated comments made in 2019, Senator Brian Boquist (I-Dallas) sued multiple Democrats in the legislature. In January 2020, the U.S. District Judge disregarded Oregonians’ First Amendment rights and instead found that Sen. Boquist's statements were "unprotected fighting words", and threw out his lawsuit. But Sen. Boquist appealed, and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated his lawsuit this week.

U.S. Circuit Judge Sandra Ikuta wrote, "Even a statement that appears to threaten violence may not be a true threat if the context indicates that it only expressed political opposition or was emotionally charged rhetoric."

The context matters because Sen. Boquist's remarks were part of a tense situation, as made apparent by his comments on the Senate Floor before the infamous KGW interview. Governor Kate Brown threatened to send law enforcement after the senators who denied quorum, ignoring common ground in favor of her environmental special interests. Her demands for arrest were indicative of a totalitarian government that does not value the voices or contributions of the minority party.

After the 2019 session adjourned, Sen. Boquist's words were used as a scapegoat to get revenge after cap and trade crashed and burned. The Senate Committee on Conduct, operating without rules, voted to require Sen. Boquist to provide written notice 12 hours before entering the state Capitol to give more time to "beef up security". The committee expected increased police presence when Sen. Boquist was in the building, and the state hired a private attorney to do a full "investigation" on his behavior.

As Sen. Boquist's court case moves forward, it is important to see how this plays out for all Oregonians. First, super majority rule is bad for Oregon, and it is imperative to maintain constitutional quorum rules to protect the minority party legislators who in turn, represent the interests of other Oregonians.

Second, the mistreatment of Sen. Boquist showcases the lack of humanity in the Senate and should be alarming for Oregonians. How can the legislature operate for the good of the people if it leverages positions of power to humiliate and dehumanize members within its ranks?

Last, Sen. Boquist didn't give up when his lawsuit was tossed in 2020, which shows that even in a politically skewed state, it is possible for honest matters to have their day in court.


Oregon rolls out electronic vaccine passport under the guise of COVID-19, but the passport can be used for all vaccinations.

Former Oregon Health Authority employee indicted in COVID-19 fraud scheme. Prosecutors allege the former employee set up a sham company that received nearly $1.5 million in fraudulent COVID-19 relief payments.

Big Pharma continues to push for COVID vaccines for kids, despite the clear science that shows the little risk the virus poses in young ones.

87-year-old actor dies in Hong Kong COVID quarantine hotel. No cause of death listed.

Medical experts question Kamala Harris's use of Pfizer pill for COVID.


How Oregon got its name.

Gov. Brown recently commuted the life sentence of a man serving for aggravated murder. He killed a 19-year-old girl in cold blood and will be set free all because he's old now. Elderly or not, this person should finish his life sentence for killing someone in cold blood. Ron Wyden even said something in opposition. Unsurprisingly, Brown is the most unpopular governor in the country.

Salem-Keizer educators speak candidly about classroom violence.

POLL: 72% of parents believe they should have school choice options.

After Portland saw an 83% increase in murders after the Gun Violence Reduction Team in the Portland Police was disbanded, now crybaby Ted Wheeler is wanting to spend $3.9 million to add unarmed public safety specialists in Police Bureau. The funds are obviously needed to help reduce crime in Portland, but it's disappointing it took increased crime rates for the elected officials to prioritize safety over political games.

An OPB survey shows Oregonians are pessimistic about the economy.

This writer was chatting with a fellow Oregonian about the governor's race. The other individual asked if Democrats are getting fed up with how the state is being run. It's impossible to know what the answer is, but nonaffiliated voters are outranking both Ds and Rs in the state. Further, national news outlets like the Associated Press are not thrilled with Tina Kotek as the likely Democrat gubernatorial candidate, as shown in this article. It's very easy to tell if the left likes someone, and that is not the case with communist Kotek.


"Joe Biden's Disinformation Board Likened to Orwell's 'Ministry of Truth'"

Coincidentally after Elon Musk bought Twitter, the Biden administration on Thursday unveiled an international "Declaration for the Future of the Internet" [PDF] with 50 other countries, slamming the policies of “authoritarian” governments — while endorsing efforts to curb online "disinformation" and "harassment".

The Left is melting down about Musk purchasing Twitter because it removes their unilateral power to ban ideas they don't like, forcing them to defend their ideas based on their own merit. However, it is concerning that Twitter users are now beholden to this billionaire who suddenly decided to buy Twitter. We "like" what Musk is saying about free speech today, but what about in one year? Five years? At the risk of generalizing, people like him only pretend to defend our rights when it SERVES them in some way. WE need to fight for our freedom and the Constitution. To avoid this situation, the government should have done some work to limit social media, but none of them dared because they are ALL bought out.

Delta Airlines to start paying flight attendants during the boarding process, when in the past they weren't paid until the plane doors closed.

FDA to ban menthol and flavored cigarettes, cigars.

The state-run media are running cover for House Republican leaders Reps. Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise because they are not "Trump loyalists". In other words, these "leaders" will say and do what needs to be done to maintain power.

Robert Malone writes, "The Biological Weapons Convention does not prohibit biological weapons"

"Who's in Charge of America Right Now? Because It Isn't the Man Getting Wrangled by a Giant Easter Bunny"


Another example of the idiots leading our country is with Biden and Congress to provide $670 million to buy food that does not exist to feed the hungry ... a shortage created by their oligarch war. Unfortunately, leftist Democrats and DC GOP all think the answer is to print money that will fix everything. In reality, we cannot eat dollars nor gold. So out of touch with reality.

How many US Presidents in modern history have announced "food shortages" before they occurred? The answer is only President Biden.

Biden asks Congress for $33 billion in Ukrainian aide through September. The disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal ended in September 2021.

Like the swamp-dwelling liars that rule Washington, D.C., Europe has its own problems. For example, Poland and Bulgaria are importing gas and oil from Russia but refusing to pay for it. Russia cuts them off. The lying presidents of Bulgaria and Poland then claim it is blackmail and extortion. Citizens are having to pay for government "leaders" failing to pay for oil. Are the citizens really buying the lie of extortion?


Pentagon report says the U.S. left behind $7 billion of military equipment during Afghanistan withdrawal in 2021.

Pakistan is "losing patience" with the Taliban as Taliban insurgents continue to attack at its borders.

Dress restrictions tighten for Afghani school girls. "Taliban want to make it so harsh and strict, we give up on education."

"You speak about Ukraine, I remember what happened in Afghanistan," says India's External Affairs Minister Jaishankar in dig at West

PODCAST: "Afghanistan's Desperation Economy"

"UN human rights experts urge United States to ease Afghanistan assets freeze"

Multiple deadly bomb blasts rocked Afghanistan last week; one of the blasts hit worshippers in a mosque

Child labor increases in Afghanistan as students drop out to try and provide for families.

Again, despite being a registered Independent, I've been asked by many in the past few weeks about Oregon's primary election. Here are some comments, observations, and known perceptions that influenced my vote choices. Voting decisions do not work in isolation. Since economics is global I will start with global perceptions then work down to "politics is local'. These are not recommendations; you need to read the Voters' Pamphlet, then make your choices.

Yemen. More black and lighter-skinned civilians have died in Yemen as a result of USG arms shipments to Saudi Arabia than in white Ukraine. Per the United Nations, 17.3 million face starvation thanks to the Oligarch Wars, the Biden Administration, US Congress and defense profiteers. Fortunately, the cost of the decades-old war has led to a temporary cease fire.

Ethiopia. The USG funding of Ethiopia's war against its own Tigray citizens has led to the present risk of starvation of 30 million. The Biden Administration and US Congress, like their predecessors, have tried to hide billions in US funding behind claims of "humanitarian" aid after the dead civilians piled up. The substitution game. Instead of giving arms and ammunition, letting the Ethiopians feed themselves, the scam is to give them billions of US tax dollars for food aid to buy food that does not exist, then allowing them to spend their own government money on arms to kill their own citizens. Add in the drought impact on young women this makes lighter-skinned and black Africans question white European and American imperialism.

Sudan. A Sudanese doctor's union says that 24 children, nine women, 23 elderly and 144 men were killed in one weekend raid. Some 7.7 million Sudanese face starvation in large part to the Oligarch War propagated by Biden, Congress, and white Europe instead of seeking peace. The deaths in the USG supported Sudanese Civil War is in the millions. Some 19 million more is planned in direct and indirect aid to the North and South both of which are US allies of the worst sort. Forget democracy as Africans ask why only the white oligarchs matter?

Syria. Is the model for Ukraine actually Syria? The USG and Congress continue their efforts to topple the elected President of Syria as refugees top 6.8 million, 6.9 internally displaced, and 1.6 million living in UN camps. Note the international treaty response is to provide assistance for refugee camps internally but that is not the US EU response in Ukraine. Ukraine is different. And the only reason Africans, Latins, Middle Easterners, and Asian leaders can see is the Ukraine is white. Two years ago, this was not as pronounced, but global leftists in the USA and Western Europe created "systemic racism" for election purposes which is now being turned against them abroad. The good news is the "globalists" are seen as being imperialist America and neo-colonial Western Europe. The bad news is how do we change this perception? Vote wisely.

Russia. Yes it is bad but this week points out how US-backed Polish and Bulgarian politicians are no different than DC or Salem politicians. That we know politicians lie is not the problem, the problem is the rest of the world outside of white US and EU see it! NPR article outlines Russia stopping exports of gas and oil to Bulgaria and Poland who are refusing to pay for the imports. Bulgaria and Poland want Russian gas for free. If you fail to pay your gas and power bill in Oregon you get cut off. PBS reports Biden's Polish and Bulgarian allied leaders call in extortion and blackmail, even if both countries are outwardly helping kill Russians in Ukraine. Hypocrisy at it's finest in a tragic situation. Very strange as would you pay to be robbed or killed in Oregon? Then, Bloomberg reports ten EU countries are set up to pay Russia for oil and gas while the Biden Administration and US Congress promote war. So the EU/NATO/US buys oil and gas with printed money Millennials and Gen-Z can never pay back to fund another $33 billion for defense contractor and bank profits. Is there something wrong with this picture in DC if we all want peace?

Ukraine. The tragic situation in Ukraine continues daily in the Oligarch War. Pray for the civilians, pray for sanity to return. However, Forbes assures us Zelensky is not a billionaire but instead a millionaire so we should be relieved. Reuters, another "trusted" source like Hitler's AP could not be wrong since Reuters confirmed the story with Ukrainian media controlled by Zelensky? Neither Forbes nor Reuters can find Putin's billions, nor Hunter Biden's laptop, so should we trust them? Zelensky banned all opposition parties in Ukraine but trust Biden and Congress (D&R) that Zelensky is a true democrat. Yes, a Democrat he is … vote wisely.

BTW, to be fair above, neo-con socialist Republicans could be allies with Mr. Zelensky as well.

United Nations. Since the permanent members of the US Security Council are at war with each other, and war it is, the United Nations is powerless as always. The usually somewhat reliable and physically present Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) recorded 6,134 civilian casualties in the country: 2,899 killed and 3,235 injured as of April 29, 2022. Biden says millions? Zelensky and his political allies with socialist corporate media claim hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed? Zelensky’s latest 900-person mass grave claim has being excused away by profit-hungry corporate media as misspoken words. The problem with even good propaganda is it might be proven false but that does not matter in Washington, DC. We see this daily in the United States as the White House explains away Biden's statements. However, remember Zelensky's self-proclaimed fascist allies posted pictures on social media executing prisoners of war, so who is right? Neither side. All are wrong. Peace is the solution, as this could happen anywhere. And it is spiraling out of control. So why is Congress supporting the war instead of suing for peace? Is Congress dumb enough to listen to the admirals and generals in the Pentagon who lost Afghanistan, etc., while helping topple other democracies? Vote wisely on the federal candidates.

Canada. This last-minute insert is from Ottawa where 800 military-clad police are gathering to illegally block a Canadian veterans protest. Remember fascist Trudeau Canada remains locked down so veteran protests are unwanted. If Canada is the closest US partner to the US Government then just like the USG, the Canadian Government clearly does not like veterans. Homeland Security is constantly telling Congress and local law enforcement that veterans are domestic terrorists. For this very reason, I would never get a Veterans license plate in Oregon. DC Swamp Dwellers know full well any combat veteran who served in the past 20 years has seen U.S. corruption noted below up front and personal but the Congressional answer is to blame others to deflect blame from themselves. Vote wisely. This could be your last vote that matters.

Could all of the above happen in the Amerika, yes according to the Biden Administration, as you the citizens are the biggest threat to the United States Government. Be assured it is not the racist age of Big Brother. Instead, it is the surveillance age of Big Sister. Government serves government, not the People. Vote wisely.

Biden Inflation. Headlines say it all "Biden Claims 'Enormous' Economic Growth Hours After Negative GDP Number Released" "U.S. Economy Still 'Very, Very Strong', Despite Likely Drop in GDP Growth" "Dow Tumbles More Than 900 Points, Nasdaq Drops 4 Percent to Close Out Brutal Month". There is no such thing as Putin Inflation in the USA, since we import nearly nothing but luxury goods from Russia. Biden's $33 billion ask for the Oligarch War is ten billion more than total Russian imports. Millennials and younger need to get ready to pay for the decisions of old, out of touch DC Swamp Dwellers backing K-Street corporate profiteers. This bipartisan problem dates back to the Bush Administration. If DC cannot recognize the problem then vote them out.

Corruption. Above, I noted Americans think foreign enemies would be friends if not for their evil corrupt leaders which is false. It is also false inside America. Corporate bureaucracy is created from the bottom up. Government bureaucracy is created from the bottom up. Corporations and Governments promote up from inside with few exceptions. If an agency head is corrupt then most every employee from bottom to top directly or indirectly is likely corrupt. Direct participation for whatever reason, or indirect tolerance of corruption. As the Omission of Sin saying goes, "We are guilty of sins we committed and for what we failed to do". Thus, so are bureaucrats that serve government not the people. We should all be tired of politicians and media talking heads justifying failed government because of this or that appointee when the apple may be completely rotten to the core. Vote wisely.

Incumbents. Ask yourself what did the incumbent do since March 13, 2020 when Oregon was locked down illegally? Yes, judges are coming out of hiding as well, ruling against the government lockdown now. No historical surprise as quite typical of the judiciary as they are human as well. However remember, that most of government remains closed to you the public from federal, to state, to county, to district, to city level. All want more money for themselves now. So did your elected official support you in the past two years? Or does he or she need replaced? Vote wisely.

Challengers. Ask the same question of challengers as incumbents. What did they do the past two years? Were they leaders in bringing out the truth? Or are they simply the same shade as the incumbent, but taking advantage of the failed government to promote themselves? Research your vote.

Congress. It is Congress on both sides that has spent us into Bush-Obama-Trump-Biden inflation. Let's be fair, as only the federal government gets to print money, selling Millennials and younger into indentured servitude. US Senators and Representatives voted for budgets or continuing resolutions. My opinion is a vote for a continuing resolution means a no vote on my ballot but that is up to you. How did they vote? Have they been there longer than a few years so are part of the problem or solution? Think before you vote.

Governor. Read the voters' pamphlet. Democrats and Republicans have dozens of choices together. My read of the pamphlet is most are truthful if you read the statements carefully. Do you want a career insider — meaning a promotion for an existing incumbent — or someone new? Did they buck the government establishment for the past two years? Or simply another shade of Democrat or Republican when independents, minor parties, and nonaligned are the real majority?

Judges. The good news is the courts did a good job of remaining open the past two years. Bad news is they avoided election and lockdown cases until now. Was it self-preservation? Or simply very slow justice? Each court district may be different but there is no such thing as a nonpartisan judge. Every human has a belief system, if not very defined ideology. Judges like to "plead the fifth" in campaigns, saying they cannot bias their future court decisions. I vote NO on judges who use this falsehood. And yes, I voted none-of-the-above as a write-in for uncontested races. Every elected position across the spectrum should have at least two candidates, or get 50% plus one vote out of 100% of the voter turnout to hold an elected position.

No New Taxes. After two years of government serving government not the People with many agencies closed today, or limiting services, I am a solid NO vote to start. Maybe there are some justified reasons for a new targeted tax, and we should all listen to the arguments, but I've not seen them given any new tax indentures Millennials, Gen-Zers, and the future of the country.

Public Safety Levies. Remember that no police, deputy or trooper puts any criminal in prison. None. It is city prosecutors and district attorneys who go before judges and juries that put criminals in prison. So-called conservative radio is the worst for promoting police prevent crimes when it is simply not true. Having none is a problem, but law enforcement shows up after the crime is committed. Certainly, you see police, deputies, and troopers running radar traps to issue citations and violations but that is not real crime. Certainly, police deputies and troopers will show up to help give you a ticket for violating some environmental law or putting too much water on your crops. Happens all the time. If you do not know the difference between a legal violation and legal crime look up the Oregon definitions. The problem in most of Oregon is city prosecutors and district attorneys will not prosecute certain crimes. With 36 different county district attorneys we have 36 different sets of law in Oregon. Your first vote consideration should be the non-prosecuting district attorney if you want to prevent crime. Then ask yourself did the police, deputies, or troopers look and act like a masked bandit in a John Wayne movie, or bank robber in a spaghetti western the past two years? Did your local police, deputies, and even troopers enforce illegal mandates from government over the past two years? Any law enforcement who claims they were just following orders as reason to break the law themselves should be defunded. In my area, we had elected officials with police going door to door threatening small businesses but exempting corporate stores. All of them need tossed out but it may be different in your community. And be careful of the "emotional" argument when doing your research. Vote wisely.

Fire Levies. Fire departments in my youth were volunteers who fought fires, saved children, and were pillars of the community. Government no longer likes volunteers. Insurance companies no longer treat fires in the same manner since government will bail them out. In my old five county senate district there was quite a mix of old and new types of fire departments but most has changed since March 13, 2020. My district had an old-school department that arrived on the scene, put out the fire, and helped clean up. Today, many fire entities only show up to protect other structures. Your house or barn can burn down but they will protect the neighboring structures. Seen this dozens of times. And yes, the excuse is always this or that government or insurance regulation. Besides voting, you should find out if you dial 9-1-1 will they actually fight a fire upon arrival, or arrive, take book on you, then let it burn? If I call for a fire truck, I am not interested in vaccination status or government excuses but want a real fire fighter. For this reason, we have our own fire fighting equipment now. Do your research then vote wisely.

Other Levies. If the district asking for more money was closed the past two years, and remains closed to you, the voting citizen, you may want to vote no. You need to research facts locally. In my area, most districts closed, and remain closed to limited public access. And their government positions are in opposition to my concerns and values. Since elected officials will not hold them accountable then I will oppose any budget increases. HOWEVER, this is a local decision, as I know districts in Eastern Oregon and elsewhere who, after two weeks in March 2020, went back to work implementing health and safety standards to meet the needs of citizens, students, etc. Do your research.

Local Candidates. Some of the worst abusers of illegal actions by government the past couple of years have been local governments. They wanted the state and federal money so you the citizen did not matter. Government serves government not the People. A bunch of incumbents should be tossed out but some shining lights of solid elected officials do exist locally as well. Cities were the worst but if you lived in a city you know this already. Many counties tried to walk the fence rail, and are still walking it today. Some rural commissioners really stood up for their citizens while government bureaucrats worked against them behind their backs. You need to do the research but be aware some challengers may be worse than the incumbents. I’ve seen resumes and campaign promises fit for a Congressional race but it is the "dog catcher" board vacancy, so carefully do your research.

Again, these are observations of the perceptions of others unless noted otherwise. The greatest American myth is the false perceptions pointed out by several great generals decades ago that "Our biggest mistakes stem from the assumption that others are like us, when in fact, they are more unlike us" and "Americans like to think others share their values and would act like Americans if it were not for their evil leaders" which is completely false per history.

Welcome to 21st Century asymmetrical warfare [PDF]. You could be living it next week!

Please take the time to read the voters' pamphlet, do your own research, vote for your choices, and return your ballot this week. It does not even require a postage stamp now.



Senator Brian J. Boquist
District 12
Oregon State Senate

P.S. I am not running in any race as my State Senate term expires in January 2024.


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