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March 13, 2023

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

Thank you for your interest in the 2023 Legislative Session.

There is a lot going on at Oregon's Capitol, and I would like to bring to your attention a deadline that is quickly approaching.

Bills must have a work session scheduled by March 17th. If no work session is posted, the bill will not move forward this session. Those bills which have a work session posted must be voted out of committee by April 4th for the bill to continue to move through the legislative process. The exception is if the senate bill is referred to the Senate Committee on Rules, the Senate Committee on Finance and Revenue, or in any Joint Committee.

My desire is to help you know what is happening so you can be engaged and informed.

Thank you,


Senator Kim Thatcher
Senate District 11

My Bills

These are the bills most active right now:

SB 241 Informing residents of this state about available federal programs of assistance
Many eligible people are not aware of their federal eligibility for such entitlements and do not sign up or enroll for federal benefits. This bill is intended to reduce the strain on the state and local resources by increasing access for vulnerable Oregonians to obligated federal funds.
Public hearing held 3/8.

SB 884 Property tax exemption for disabled veterans
Bill will establish a property tax exemption that is reasonable and substantial.
Public hearing held 3/9; work session scheduled 3/21.

SB 514 Creates Adult Suicide Prevention Coordinator
We have a high rate of suicide in Oregon. Our data show it's the 2nd-leading cause of death for 10–44-year-olds in Oregon. (Oregon Suicide Prevention)
Work session held 3/1 and referred to Ways and Means on 3/7.

SB 554 Forensic science
The scientific understanding changes over time, but these changes sometimes take decades to emerge, meaning people whose convictions relied on bad science face significant barriers that keep them out of the courthouse. This bill is an effort to ensure our system does no more harm in the lives of wrongfully convicted, innocent individuals.
Hearing held on 2/6.

SB 510 Public Records Advocate
This bill will establish a stable funding model in line with the Office's proposed budget and ensuring consistent and effective services to all state and local public bodies.
Work Session held 2/21 and referred to Ways and Means on 2/27.

SB 894 Oregon State Fair
Oregon State Fair and Exposition Center as regional emergency and evacuee center.
Public hearing held 2/22.

SB 512 Motor vehicle emission control fees
This bill would require the agency to correct a 500% fee inequity between two very similar self-test methods — dealerships and fleets.
Public hearing held 3/2.

SCR 2 A Recognizing and honoring service members of Oregon National Guard
Work Session scheduled on 3/14 in House Rules Committee

SB 409 Transparency for courses of study offered by school districts
Bill will provide parents transparency to child’s school courses.
Due to the opposition from the Coalition of Oregon School Administrators, no hearing has been scheduled.

SB 417 Public Records fees
Standardize the element of "actual cost" while incentivizing communication between requesters and records custodians.
Hearing held on 2/7.

Bills of Interest

ALERT SB 704 Universal Health Care
This bill will create the Universal Health Plan Governance Board. This board will have nine seats with members appointed by the governor. They will have four-year terms and will be paid as full-time public employees. The board will design the administrative structure for the Universal Health Plan which will be implemented the early part of 2027.

Joint Task Force on Universal Health Care Final Report and Recommendations

ALERT SB 579 Voting by adults in custody
This bill will allow a person convicted of a felony and in custody the right to vote.
Refer to Ways and Means.

ALERT SB 854 Climate change instruction in public schools
This bill will require each school district board to develop written plan establishing climate change instructional program for kindergarten through grade 12.
Public hearing held 3/9.

ALERT SB 603 12 monthly payments of $1,000 to individuals who are experiencing homelessness
Public hearing held 2/27.

ALERT SB 767 Limits scope by which public charter schools may conduct operations
Authorizes Superintendent of Public Instruction to withhold State School Fund moneys from nonvirtual public charter school that violates provisions.
Senate floor vote — 17 Ayes (D), 13 Nays (R)
Passed Senate floor.

ALERT SB 530 Natural Climate Solutions (Climate Change)
This bill creates state policy regarding natural solutions and the Natural and Working Lands Fund. This bill directs the Oregon Global Warming Commission, ODOE and other state agencies to jointly coordinate on the development and prepare a net carbon sequestration and storage baseline for natural and working lands. A natural and working lands advisory committee will be created and will consist of 14 members.
Public hearing held on 2/15.

Visitors to the Capitol

With FFA students

Uriel Aguilar Torres (Gervais) and Brekkan Richardson (Sandy) from Future Farmers of America meet with Senator Thatcher

With Civil Air Patrol members

Civil Air Patrol U.S. Air Force Auxiliary members and Senator Thatcher

My Committees

Senate Committee on Judiciary, Vice-Chair
Senate Committee on Veterans, Emergency Management, Federal and World Affairs, Vice-Chair
Joint Committee on Legislative Audits
Joint Committee on Legislative Counsel
Joint Committee on Legislative Policy and Research
Joint Committee on Information Management and Technology

Chairing Veterans Committee hearing

Senator Thatcher Chairs Veterans, Emergency Management, Federal and World Affairs

Email: [email protected] | Phone: 503-986-1711
Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-307, Salem, OR 97301
Website: Visit our web site

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