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Hello friends:

Sometimes a week feels like a month...this has been one of those weeks. When news of the fires surrounding us broke last week, my heart went out to everyone in the Santiam Canyon who lost their lives and livelihoods overnight, including my good friend and colleague and caucus leader Senator Fred Girod and his wife Lori. There are simply no words to soothe the loss we feel when those we know and love who have lost so much.

Within hours many of you who were in position to help began calling and emailing to help. This included several farmers and families with heavy equipment who were able to assist emergency providers in evacuating and doing all they could to move dirt and water to mitigate further risk, and so many of you who donated much needed supplies and volunteer time immediately.

Wildfire Response Resources:

General Resources & Updates:

For insurance resources

Local United Way

MarionCounty: Fire Emergency Information 

Shelter setup Our community stepped up quickly to assist in setting up the evacuation area at the State Fairgrounds. They have now secured many needed supplies, but if you are able to assist please consider donations to either the Red Cross or United Way in their relief efforts.

email:  I-phone: 503-986-1710
address: 900 Court St NE, S-301, Salem, OR 97301


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