Denyc Boles

Representative Denyc Boles

Dear friends,

This past Thursday morning I was honored to speak at Salem Academy's Veteran's Day program along with Colonel Larry Raaf, who attended the Academy and served his country for 30 years before retiring and serving our state as a civilian.

I was reminded that my ability to serve is owed to those before me who have served selflessly and fought wholeheartedly to preserve our freedom as a nation. Collectively veterans who preceded us, if they survived the wars, returned home and continued to serve our nation to raise families; farm our land to feed our growing nation; build our national railroad and interstate system; lay cable for our electric, phone, and cable systems; and work in our factories.

Our nation's economic prosperity and freedoms are not inherited and did not come easy. It came at a high price to many families in the loss of husbands and wives, sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters who served.

Although I've not served in the military, I am the spouse of a veteran and the daughter of a veteran. Their sacrifices are real, significant, and should never be forgotten. In part because of this service, my family holds profound respect for the courage it takes to secure the benefits we all receive. So today, I want to offer my heartfelt thank you to the men and women and families that secure our freedoms. We are a grateful nation.

Speaking at Salem AcademyNovember Legislative Days is next week November 18-20, a nice time to visit the Capitol prior to session. Committees have been preparing for the interim session. My appointments include Vice-Chair of the Senate Mental Health Committee, Member of Ways and Means, the Joint I5 Bridge Committee, and Housing and Development.

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