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Raquel Moore Green

November 4, 2022

Friends and Family —

We are down to the wire and continue to press hard on calls to ask people to vote, and sign waving to bring their attention to a ballot that still needs to be completed and returned! If you'd like to help with calls to voters and/or sign wave please let us know.

On porchOne of my clearest memories of my mother was when she would take us to the polling place on Election Day. My mom, brother, sisters, and I would walk to the local elementary school — Parkway Elementary. We stood in line, waited for the PCP to locate my mother's name on the voter roll, where she would sign, get her ballot, then go stand at a station to vote. Usually, by this time my siblings and I were busy running around!

I carried on this tradition by taking my children to the local elementary school to cast my vote and still remember dropping our daughters off for class at Pringle Elementary, parking, and going in to vote. Just like my mother had. I treasure those memories, and in light of the fact that we no longer have a walk-in Election Day voting system, I typically take my completed ballot on Election Day downtown to the Marion County Drive-Thru and Park & Drop site and ensure the individual taking my ballot places it in the secure ballot box.

However, this year I plan to take my completed ballot to the ballot box drop-off site inside Marion County’s building later today. Breaking the tradition of "voting" on Election Day. We know this election cycle brings us an opportunity to change the trajectory of our state and bring much balance to the state Senate. Ballots returned ahead of the actual due date will be processed faster and provide us with a real positive position election night. For the first time I will also be using the ballot-tracking option that will notify me when my ballot has been received by the Clerk's office, as well as when it actually gets processed and counted! To sign up follow this link.

Remember ballots only count if they are received by 8pm on election day at a drop box or postmarked by election day. Because of the uncertainties of postmarking, it is recommended that ballots be submitted to an official drop box. This is especially important on election day due to the uncertainty of mail pick-up times.

Please vote and encourage all of your family and friends to vote as well. We have a real opportunity to change the future of our state. Boys posing in front of drop boxThen plan on joining me, my family, and the other Salem-area Republican candidates — TJ Sullivan, Dan Farrington, Kevin Mannix, Tracy Cramer, and Kim Thatcher — on Tuesday evening beginning at 7 PM in the Santiam Room at the Salem Convention Center as we celebrate our efforts to bring balance to Salem!

All my best,


Raquel Moore-Green
Representative HD19 and Candidate SD10

p.s. to volunteer and / or RSVP please contact [email protected] or txt 503.362.5021

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