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June 21, 2022

Friends —

Thank you to all who supported me during the primary! Together we were able to distribute yard signs, go door to door, host meet and greets, and enjoy robust discussion at a campaign roundtable. We fundraised too! A special thank you to those who opted in early in my campaign with monetary gifts, your early support is deeply valued.

The clearest pathway to victory for restoring balance to our state is regaining the senate. We have a strong group of candidates, five of them currently hold office as a representative or senator. My race could be the race that wins us the Majority in the Senate, and helps move Oregon forward. Oregonians are done with lawlessness, the lack of academics and rigor in education for their children, runaway inflation, food shortages, and new regulations that continue to inhibit growth in our businesses.

The plight of our state and a state government out of control, combined with an excellent slate of candidates, has garnered the attention of national committees. These groups focus on top ticket races in states that have historically been marginalized by the progressives. This is our year; 2022 is different and we will win the senate. Additionally, we have the chance to pick up an extra seat or two.

Our focus must remain on winning seats in the legislature. In order for any governor to succeed they must have a legislature working with them. All those laws that need fixing or repealing — taxes, business restrictions, public safety – and more – need a coordinated effort.

My race for the Senate is a competitive one and I am asking for your support. As your HD 19 state representative I have listened in earnest, responded in sincerity, and led with integrity. I will do the same as your state senator. Will you please consider making a monthly or one-time investment in my campaign? Let's move Oregon forward, restoring balance, together.

All my best,


Raquel Moore-Green
Representative HD19 and Candidate SD10


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