Looking Forward

Raquel Moore Green

August 7, 2022

Friends —

It has been so wonderful to meet new people and learn more about the interests, priorities, and needs within Senate District 10. Many of you have shared your homes, and introduced your friends and families — I really appreciate your hospitality. Meet & Greets are an informal and easy way to share the need to bring balance to the Senate.

Many of the comments I hear concerning education standards, public safety, and the cost of living are the result of over 10 years of one-party control. The state is moving in the wrong direction. We have a unique opportunity to change the composition of the Senate and I would value the chance to share more with you, your neighbors, and your professional associates. If you'd like to host a Meet & Greet at your home or business please let us know by emailing Lena at [email protected].

One additional note: We are hosting a series of coffee and walks this month throughout the district. Let us know if you'd like to attend, where you reside in the district, and we will get the details to you.

Your continued encouragement and support is deeply valued and I look forward to seeing each of you on the campaign trail this summer!

All my best,


Raquel Moore-Green
Representative HD19 and Candidate SD10

Sign Day Party

Interested in Helping? All are welcome!

If you'd like to volunteer with the campaign we have many activities that could use your help. Our next volunteer overview and training will be Wednesday, August 17th between 11am-3pm in downtown Salem. You are welcome to stop by during that timeframe at anytime that works for you. Email [email protected] for more details.

District map
It is early in the campaign season (only 93 days to election!) and many people are now realizing the boundaries for the Senate and House districts have changed. If you are unsure of which house or senate district you will be in beginning in January 2023 enter your address here.

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