Richardson Takes the Reins at State

This piece originally appeared at The Oregon Catalyst on Saturday, 31 December under the title "Richardson Sworn In As Secretary of State" and the byline Reagan Knopp

Secretary of State Dennis RichardsonA diverse group of Republican lawmakers and party activists from across the state gathered in the Senate Chamber of the Oregon State Capitol on Friday for a truly historic event. Public seating was standing room only and spilled into overflow areas as Dennis Richardson (R-Central Point) was officially sworn in as Secretary of State, becoming the first Republican elected statewide in 14 years.

Congressman Greg Walden (R-Hood River) — who previously served with Richardson in the Oregon House — was a featured speaker at the ceremony.

"Dennis has a sharp eye for budgets and numbers, and an even sharper pencil. But he also proved he can work with others across the aisle." — Congressman Greg Walden

After taking his oath of office, Richardson showed bipartisanship to his fellow Oregonians, noting that his goals were not focused on a party agenda, but good public policy.

"As a secretary of state, I will be functioning as an Oregonian. It is my commitment that you will not know whether I have an 'R' or a 'D' by my name." — Dennis Richardson

State Treasurer-Elect Tobias Read and Senate President Peter Courtney were the only notable Democrats in attendance.

(Quotes sourced from Oregon Public Broadcasting)

Reagan Knopp is a Marion County Republican delegate to the ORP central committee and editor at The Oregon Catalyst.


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