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Recall Kate BrownThe Oregon Republican Party on Monday launched a recall campaign against Democrat Gov. Kate Brown after a contentious legislative session that saw her sic state troopers on eleven purposefully absent GOP legislators fighting her climate-change agenda. The Washington Times broke the story in a national exclusive.

The recall paperwork, signed and filed with the Secretary of State Monday by Oregon GOP chair Bill Currier, accused her of ignoring or overturning the will of the voters on driver's licenses for illegal aliens and tax increases, as well as denying citizens protection from "the domestic terrorist threat known as Antifa".

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In a statement accompanying the filing, Mr. Currier asserted, "Governor Brown has subjected the people of Oregon to a long line of abuses of power while at the same time refusing to address their legitimate concerns, She has fostered a toxic political environment that stifles meaningful discourse. She has threatened retaliation against her own citizens when her political agenda is not successful in the legislature."

Timber Unity rally at CapitolTo successfully recall a governor, any governor, is a long-shot. We not only face a compressed time frame (90 days — i.e. 12 October), we must collect an extremely high number of signatures. Per Oregon's Secretary of State, "The required number of valid signatures is 15% of the votes cast for governor in the public officer's district during the last gubernatorial election at which a candidate for Governor was elected to a full term." Since the governor's district is the entire state, the calculation must be run against the statewide total vote of 1,866,997. That's roughly 280,050 valid signatures. Adding in the necessary cushion (to account for signatures deemed invalid) pushes the total number of signatures to collect to well over 300,000.

Do your part

    • Download, sign, and mail the convenient single-signer form. Although new limitations on single-signer forms may not yet be in effect, DO NOT print out a bunch of forms to pass out to contacts. Instead, share the link with your contacts.
    • Download, sign, circulate (to fill up the sheet), and mail the 10-line form. On your first sheet, be the first to sign before getting nine more people to sign. Be sure to sign and fill out the circulator pledge at the bottom of the form. But remember:  sign the petition ONLY ONCE, but fill out the circulator pledge on each form you pass around for signatures.
    • You must print both sides of the 10-line form on a single sheet of paper. All signatures must be on a sheet containing the full text of the recall claim. The single-signer form has the full text above the signature area.
    • For more information and guidelines, consult the Secretary of State's rule book
  2. Collect more signatures. To have a shot at reaching the goal, we need to average at least 3,500 signatures statewide each and every day.
  3. Contact the Oregon Republican Party/Marion County Republicans office located at 752 Hawthorne Ave. NE to help with data input, signature verification, etc. See our Contact page for phone number and e-mail links.
  4. Donate. We will squeeze every bit of value possible out of every dollar.
  5. Wash, rinse, repeat steps 2-4 as often as you can through the 12 October deadline.


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