PCP Survey

Should your info be given to Campaigns?

Marion County Republicans does not have an existing policy on sharing personal contact (email and phone numbers) with candidates who have asked for it to be able to contact you. We are developing a formal blanket policy for this issue in the future but this email is a temporary solution. As part of becoming a PCP, if you submitted an SEL-105 to the County Clerk, any information you shared on that form is public. If you put your email, cell phone, etc. on the form, we can’t prevent candidates from accessing that. However, some PCPs have subsequently shared emails, cell numbers, etc. with Marion County Republicans. This information, shared with Marion County GOP, is what is under discussion. Some candidates within Marion County would like to contact Marion County PCPs using that contact info because they need help of various forms, want to get word out about their events, etc., etc. If you do not want your contact info shared with Marion County Candidates, you must reply to this email or contact us via phone to let us know you want to opt out. Because the election is fast approaching, we need to hear from you within 7 days or you will be opted in. PLEASE NOTE: Only candidates that are already elected PCPs will be given the information and those who receive this information will be signing an agreement assuring that they will not share the information with any other candidate, campaign, measure, PAC, etc. and we will have means to ensure they do not.


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