Patti Milne


Commissioner Patti Milne
Commissioner Patti Milne
Photo courtesy of Marion County

Elected to the Board of Commissioners in 1998 following three terms in the State Legislature representing House District 22, Commissioner Milne is the longest-serving member of the current three-member board. She has announced that she will not seek re-election in 2014.

Believing that every tax dollar received by the county should be well spent, she opposed, even before joining the Board, the building of Courthouse Square. She has ardently resisted imposing new or increased taxes on Marion County residents. She created the county's "Rainy Day" fund and has carefully budgeted to ensure that the county has sufficient reserves. She instituted department performance audits to ensure quality of service delivery.

She also created the Economic Development Advisory Board which the county has used to channel Oregon Lottery funds back to the communities for job creation. As a member of the Board, she chairs the Public Safety Coordinating Council, which develops and oversees efforts to reduce crime and improve law enforcement.

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