Salem Pastor Endorses Angela Plowhead

This piece originally appeared in the online publication Northwest Observer Sunday, 27 February 2022 under the title "Angela Plowhead Endorsed by River Church" combined from staff reports

“She stands up for liberty and freedom”

Dr. Angela PlowheadOregon congressional candidate and Marion County Republican Dr. Angela Plowhead has been endorsed by the pastors of Salem's River Church. Dr. Plowhead is a constitutional conservative running for Oregon's new Congressional District 6 (CD6).

"My wife and I are endorsing Angela Plowhead," said Pastor Lew Wootan. "Yeah, we're endorsing her. She believes in what we're doing, we believe in what she's doing, . . . she stands up for Liberty and Freedom, and she wants to correct things that are wrong."

Pastor Lew continued, "Beyond that — the biggest reason I support her is because she's teachable. You ask, well, what do you mean? The problem with most politicians is they have the solution. If anyone tells you they have a solution, what they have is, they have an ideal. There's nothing wrong with having an ideal, but you don't know what tomorrow is going to bring. So, you have to be teachable, you have to be mold-able, you have to be changeable, you can't be so rigid that you end up full of pride and surrounded by people who are butt-kissers. That will end up hurting you. And hurting who you represent. You have to have people that when you correct them and you speak to them in a way that can be corrected — that they'll listen, and they'll take it to council, and they'll do something different if it needs to be done. And that's been Angela. She's been a friend, she has stood up with us when other people were criticizing us. She stood up and has been there with us."

Dr. Plowhead responded to the endorsement, "Every American has the right to freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion. The Constitution is very clear that there can be no law established against these things. I will stand for and with anyone whose rights are being impeded. That is why I am standing with Pastors Lew and Lorri Wootan, who have stood for the constitutional freedom of their congregation from the beginning. At the age of 19, I vowed to defend the Constitution. That vow did not end when I left military services. It is integral to who I am. Standing up for what is right should not be a choice but an obligation we demand of every politician who represents this nation."

Pastor Wootan says that Angela is a person of honor and integrity. "She's done things the right way. So, my wife and I have endorsed her, and we are going to be there for her."

The River Church is outspoken on civics issues, particularly the role of government in American lives. They have a code of conduct that states the church's stance on such issues as how all Americans have God-given rights as described in the Bill of Rights of our State and US constitutions, and, as a Constitutional Republic, we have elected governments to protect those rights. They also do not support violence, especially against individuals and government officials, nor do they support or approve of racism or extremism.


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