Oath of Office for Precinct Committee Persons


I      [print your name]     , do pledge to participate in the activities of a Precinct Committee Person to the best of my ability.

Suggested activities are listed in the Oregon Republican Party Precinct Committee Person Handbook and the By-laws of the Marion County Republican Central Committee.

  • Represent the voters of my precinct in Central Committee meetings to the best of my ability.
  • Volunteer as needed in the local Republican county party headquarters.
  • Support the election of Republican candidates.
  • Uphold the principles and public policies in accordance with the Oregon Republican Party platform.
  • Serve my office with distinction, honesty, and integrity.
  • Support and defend decisions made by the Marion County Central Committee to the best of my ability when lawful votes are cast by the majority, regardless of my personal opinion or vote.
  • Preserve and protect our nation's founding constitutional principles, to-wit:
. . . Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as One Nation Under God, with Liberty and Justice for ALL


If this is your heart, download, print, sign, and date your copy of the oath of office. Deliver your pledge to Jessica Snook, our PCP Coordinator:

This Oath of Office is the key to unlocking your access to the tools to make you successful in your service. To get started, remind yourself of what it is you're signing up to do. Then take a look at the Marion County Republicans edition of the Oregon Republican Party PCP Handbook.

For a Conservative Majority!


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