Bill to Create Impeachment Process Passes House

Rep. Jodi HackHouse Joint Resolution (HJR) 31, which would amend the Oregon Constitution to add a process for impeachment of Executive officials, passed the House on Tuesday, 19 May, with an overwhelming majority of 47-12. Marion County Republican Rep. Vic Gilliam (Dist. 18) was the lone Republican to vote against the bill; Marion County Republican Rep. Sherrie Sprenger (Dist. 17), one of 36 co-sponsors, was excused from the floor session.

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Marion County Republicans Endorse Bill Post


Marion County Republican Party, Salem, OR
June 25, 2014

The recent support, by soon to be retiring Rep. Vicki Berger, for Chuck Lee, a recent Democrat now registered as an Independent, leaves us nearly speechless.

We find it more than ironic in these challenging times that Mrs. Berger waited until after her announced retirement to make known her actual beliefs. We guess all those GOP meetings where she had discussions with local Republicans, and gave speeches on behalf of GOP issues were disingenuous.

We in the Marion County GOP stand by our goal of electing constitution loving citizens who believe in following the Oregon Republican Party Platform for the hardworking citizens of Oregon.

We support the voting Republicans of Marion County’s HD25 choice, Bill Post. To do otherwise would be contrary to the Mission of this County GOP.



The Art of the Slam

CPAC programYou see it in action in all kinds of productions. Fireworks shows lead off with big bangs, slow down in the middle and then rock the big finale. Plays and movies hit you at the beginning to draw you in, a few memorable actions throughout, but to make sure you remember it (surely recommend it), bring down the house at the end.

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Newsletter Takes Us Inside

Rep. Jim ThompsonAdmitting that he missed it when he predicted that tax reform — read sales tax — would be hot on the agenda for this short session of the legislature, Rep. Thompson takes us inside the Capitol halls and discusses many of the bills that are causing action there. With a bit over a week to go, the newsletter is timely and can provide some ammunition as you reach out to your legislator before sine die shuts the doors of opportunity.

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MCRCC Weekly Wrap — February 6, 2014

It's FEBRUARY all ready! And, it looks as though snow will grace our lovely area. Stay Safe. The "short legislative session" has begun in Salem. Look for opportunities to testify or show up at hearings on our Facebook page.

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MCRCC Weekly Wrap — January 30, 2014

The 2014 campaign season is off to a great start and the Marion County GOP has lots of great activities planned in the coming months. We hosted a candidate forum at our last Central Committee Meeting and attendees had the opportunity to listen to and get to know candidates for local and state-wide office.  Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the candidates. If you were not able to attend this informative meeting, click here to view the candidates and the Q & A afterwards.

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Candidate Videos from our January 2014 Central Committee Meeting

Want to know more about some of the candidates running for office. Check out our YouTube channel!


Candidates Launch Campaigns

Bill PostSo, who in the world gets up on a Saturday day off for a campaign event starting at 7:00 am? The sun isn't even up yet! The answer: 108 supporters of Bill Post, Republican candidate for House District 25, covering Keizer, St. Paul, and Newberg.

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MCRCC Weekly Wrap — January 23, 2014

Now is the time to plan, the 10 weeks prior to every election are the most important!

We have two critical elections this year: a state-wide primary on May 20th, and a national mid-term on November 4th. This means more opportunities to elect great conservatives to office, but it means more work as well. We need your help to be successful!

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MCRCC Weekly Wrap — January 16, 2014

Now that we are into an important political new year, you may wonder, just what is the Marion County GOP Executive Committee doing? Actually, members have been busy this past year building a base system and organization that helps Marion County GOP’s PCPs, so we can elect the best candidates. Here’s a brief summary:

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