Positive Polling Continues

This piece originally appeared in The Oregonian and online on Wednesday, 28 September under the title "Christine Drazan, Tina Kotek neck-and-neck in race for Oregon governor, new poll from The Oregonian/OregonLive shows" and the byline Jamie Goldberg

Christine DrazanRepublican Christine Drazan and Democrat Tina Kotek are neck-and-neck in the three-way race for governor six weeks before the November election, according to a new poll commissioned by The Oregonian/OregonLive.

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Getting Excited?

Governor races projections
It may be starting to rain for Oregon Republicans

In a typical end-of-month fundraising appeal, the Oregon Republican Party cited a not-so-typical political projection that is certain to catch the attention of hopeful Republicans in this election year. Not since Chris Dudley so narrowly lost to John Kitzhaber in 2010 has the contest for Oregon Governor been this iffy.

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Test Your Gerrymander Skills

Update!  Virus fear-mongering overrides all posturing on indoor mask mandates. Claiming "[the] Delta variant has changed everything", legislative leadership nixed the in-person portion of the redistricting roadshow scheduled for September. Given the "success" of virtual session this year, all hearings will be held over the internet. Although the timeframe remains the same — Wednesday 9/8 - Monday 9/13 — owing to the elimination of travel, the schedule is compressed from five to four days, with no weekend sessions.

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Central Committee Adopts Resolution Opposing Recall

Senator Fred GirodAt its monthly meeting Thursday evening, 17 June, the Marion County Republican Central Committee passed without objection a resolution strongly denouncing the current recall effort against Marion County Republican senator Fred Girod (District 9 - Lyons). Central Committee members declared their resolve to "support Senator Fred Girod against this recall effort" and called on Republican residents of the district to "refuse to sign the petition."

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Gun Control — Of What Nightmares Are Made

Special Stupid memeAlthough filed prior to the beginning of the 2021 session and slowly making its way through the process, SB 554 got the boost it needed to quick passage by the two shooting incidents in Atlanta, GA and Boulder, CO. "I, like so many Oregonians, have been distressed by the tragedy of gun violence and the rise of extremism," lamented Portland Democrat Senator Ginny Burdick, one of the three Senate chief sponsors. With more joy and hope, she declared, "I am proud we passed Senate Bill 554 today. It will make our schools and public buildings safer for our students and all Oregonians."

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Senators Walk to Protest Governor's Tyranny

Denial of quorumGestures, while rarely accomplishing anything substantive, are usually fun to watch. They may also go a long way, much like music, to soothe a savage breast. Eleven Senate Republicans and Independent Sen. Brian Boquist surprised Senate President Peter Courtney and the majority party by absenting themselves from Thursday's morning floor session. Because the sole order of business was the introduction of new bills, little damage resulted from the denial of quorum.

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Time to Replant

WildfireThrough next Wednesday, 23 December, Oregon's Department of Forestry is seeking public comment regarding its plan (PDF) to begin restoring Santiam State Forest lands harmed by the Beachie Creek fire. During most of September this year, three complex fires ravaged the Cascade foothills: Riverside in the north; Beachie Creek in the middle, and Lionshead to the east. The Lionshead and Beachie Creek complexes eventually merged while the Riverside came close. In all, around a million acres burned, claiming five lives and leveling the Santiam Canyon towns of Idanha, Detroit, and Gates, along with significant portions of Mill City, Lyons, and Mehama.

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Selma Pierce Dies in Pedestrian Accident

Selma PierceDark had just fallen minutes after 5:00 pm, Tuesday, 1 December, as police responded to a call regarding an incident involving a pedestrian and vehicle. Dr. Selma Pierce (DMD), 66, was struck and killed by a Chevrolet SUV while walking along Doaks Ferry Rd., NW, near Hidden Valley Dr., NW. According to police reports, the area is dark and has sidewalk improvement on only the east side of Doaks Ferry. Although police are unsure about which side of the road Ms. Pierce was using, officers stated that she was in the roadway when struck.

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"Would You Like Your Receipt?"

Voter pamphet coverPerhaps he should have said, "No". After all, the primary purpose of the receipt in commerce is to serve as a proof of purchase/transaction. And who hasn't experienced a delay, whether caused by a "slow" internet connection or server-side script, in receiving the secondary confirmation of the transaction (always confirmed at checkout, right?) from the online merchant? Only with government would one find such a reversal of purpose and of course, in the favor of the bureaucracy.

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UNhealthy Hype

UPDATE — 29 November 2020:  Since when has it ever made sense to double down on your present course of action when events are going badly for you and prospects for a turnaround appear dim? Over the past three weeks, going back to just after the election and including nearly two weeks under the regime of restrictions considered the strictest in the nation, Oregon's daily case count has gone nearly vertical, surpassing 1,200/day on average for the week of 16-22 November. It seems that each day brings an ever-higher record number of new cases. And the fear porn shifts into high gear. As well it should; after all, the restrictions were supposed to slow or even stop the surge. Instead, we're seeing it accelerate. By itself the surge in cases should end, once and for all time, any delusion that lockdowns are effective.

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