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Summer Update



Joel Pawloski

This has been a busy summer and we are not done yet.
New Phone # 503 664-7997.

This has been a busy summer and we are not done yet.

First some admin changes we have a New Phone # 503 664-7997. This phone number will enable us to communicate with voters via text message. It also can be answered by one of several people during business hours M-F 9am to 6pm. Outside of these hours you can leave a message.

New website


Common Sense Candidates swept the school board races in Silverton and Woodburn flipping control of the boards. This will change the lives of thousands of students, making a real impact on our county. In Salem/Keizer we won two of three races. Returning Dr. Candrigiri to the board and electing Krissy Hudson to the board for the first time. We are now well positioned to contest control of the board in two years’ time when the remaining four seats are up for election.

Overall 19 of 21 endorsed or backed candidates were elected which is a 90.4% win rate.

Golf Fundraiser

Our inaugural golf tournament exceeded all expectations, it was a smashing success, with enthusiastic participants already registering for next year's event! Notably, we were able to raise an impressive $5100, which will be dedicated to supporting candidates and various county activities. This achievement wouldn't have been possible without the outstanding efforts of our Events Coordinator, Yvonne Stoffey and the many volunteers who made it happen. They are Cassy Larson, Becky Mitts, Carol Williams, Micheal Stoffey and Susan Pawloski.

Marion County Fair

The Marion County Fair was an incredibly fun and impactful event and a fantastic opportunity to engage with the community. During the fair, we gathered an impressive 569 signatures in support of IP21, the Constitutional Carry initiative, while also generating $1327 in sales. This remarkable success was made possible by the dedicated efforts of our exceptional volunteer team, who worked tirelessly to ensure everyone had a memorable and rewarding experience.

Constitutional Carry for Oregon

We are gathering Signatures in earnest now that we have our official Ballot title.

Which reads: Amends Constitution: Creates right to carry a concealed firearm without a permit; voids existing concealed carry restrictions.

On July 29 we hosted Kari Lake for her book tour and fundraiser for Constitutional Carry for Oregon.

We have a website where you can learn about the petition, see what events are coming up and get the single signer sheet.

Help us in gathering signatures or hosting a signing location. You can reach me at

Salem Tax Referendum

Almost 13,000 signatures turned in on Aug 9th roughly three times the number required. I was able to gather 133.

Thank you to Casity Trout, Satya Chandragiri, Wendy Chessh and many more who worked to make this happen. We worked with Oregon Business and Industry, Timber Unity and Marion Polk First to get this done.

On Aug 11th it was announced that the referendum will be on the November 2023 ballot.

Go to  for more information.

State fair

Oregon People’s vote booth

Contact OPV info@oregonpeoplesvote.comif you want to help.

Oregon Republican Party Booth

Contact Jessica Davidson jessica.davidson@oregon.gopif you want to help.

Thank you,

Joel Pawloski

Chair, MCGOP

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Summer Update

This has been a busy summer and we are not done yet.
New Phone # 503 664-7997.


Message from the Chair

A Winning Culture


Salem Tax Referendum updated

We put the Salem Payroll Tax on the ballot for the voters to decide with almost three times the required signatures. The Referendum will be on the November 2023 ballot in Salem.

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