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A Message from the Chair



Joel Pawloski

The times they are a’ changin.

The Marion County Republican Party is not same as it was last year or last decade. It can’t be. In politics as in much else change or growth is required, otherwise the result is stagnation and death.

Last month we changed the logo. This month we changed the website. Next month we will change the composition of school boards. After that more change.

We will continue to grow and change for as long as I am chair. I will never sit still. Never decide enough is enough. That the laurels can be rested on.

There is no destination on this journey. There is growth and renewal and hope. There is success and failure. As we take this journey together, there is room for everyone. We all will share the success.

We will not be judged by failures because no failure, especially in politics, is permanent. We will be judged by how many people we bring along as we succeed. Everyone is welcome to the success.

We will Make Marion Great Again, to borrow a phrase. This is not a call to return to the past. This is a call to renew our belief in ourselves. Success is a mindset. It is born of faith in a future that is better than the present.

Right now, I am leading an effort to change the Constitution of Oregon for the betterment of everyone. Right now, I am leading an effort to bring resources to Marion County that will change the environment of the county for the betterment of everyone.

Right now, I am leading the growth of the Marion County Republican Party so more people will be heard.

Right now, I am asking you to join me.

Oregon and Marion County are ready for this change.

Renew Success.

Joel Pawloski, Chair Marion GOP

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A Message from the Chair

The times they are a’ changin.

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