My Vote Matters


From the They Changed My Party and Stole My Vote grassroots group:


"Did you get the wrong ballot? Was your party affiliation changed without your knowledge? Were you denied the ability to vote in the primary of the party you know you were registered as because you were somehow marked as non-affiliated or part of a different party? Did you simply receive the wrong party's ballot? Hundreds, possibly thousands, have been affected by something that has gone awry within our election system. Join us as we hear from some of those whose vote has been stolen, as well as some of our elected leaders who are vowing to find and fix whatever the problem is that has led to this.

This is not a Trump event, or a Biden event, or a Republican event, or a Democrat event. This is an issue that has affected many across the entire political spectrum."



June 06, 2020 at 12:00pm - 3pm
Oregon State Capitol
Jane · · 503-877-9288

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