Rep. Mike Nearman — House Dist 23

Rep. Mike NearmanMarion County (and Polk County) Republican Rep. Mike Nearman is finally free. For the first time in four years he does not have to face down the ghosts of Republicans past. One can suppose that with margins of victory approaching 2-1, district voters have made it quite clear that they appreciate and admire his unequivocal, no-nonsense approach to Oregon politics; they have no desire to reverse course. He makes it clear, both through his voting record and issue advocacy, that he firmly holds to the principles of small, limited government.

A software engineer constantly exploring how technology can improve life experiences, Rep. Nearman developed and continues to maintain the Track Their Vote database and web site utilized by the Oregon Citizens' Lobby to track legislation and legislators in Salem. The database is a powerful and essential tool for all Oregon citizens as we seek to hold our government accountable to us. It makes it possible for regular citizens to analyze proposed legislation and lobby (their) lawmakers to support or oppose bills as they make their way through committees to the floor of each chamber.

What makes our country great is the great freedoms we enjoy. It seems that more and more, our governments at all levels want to deny us freedom, tax us more, and spend excessively. I choose to stand for freedom for all the citizens of Oregon.

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