MCRCC Weekly Wrap — January 23, 2014

Now is the time to plan, the 10 weeks prior to every election are the most important!

We have two critical elections this year: a state-wide primary on May 20th, and a national mid-term on November 4th. This means more opportunities to elect great conservatives to office, but it means more work as well. We need your help to be successful!

Here are the dates to remember:

May 20th Election                               March 6th is 10 weeks prior to the ballots being mailed.
November 4th Election                       August 16th is 10 weeks prior is to the ballots being mailed.

The year is going to fly by, so how do we accomplish all that’s needed to help our precinct voters be informed and vote Right? Here are some ideas:

  • Decide what is the best way for YOU to communicate on the issues and candidates that matter you? (A newsletter/flyer, a website, door to door contact, telephone, email, postcard, social media etc.) Be realistic about your time and abilities. Some of us like to talk to people, others of us just want to contact them without knocking on the door.
  • Find out how many people are in your precinct and put together a plan for how you can communicate with these voters before the ballots drop. Partner with another PCP in your area and if you need to, recruit another neighbor to become a PCP! Find out about the resources available to you as a PCP here.
  • Decide whether you will hit EVERY voter residence or just the "friendlies". Your WALKING LIST is your guide and you can get all the information you need to create this list by viewing Jeff Heyen's instructional video found under the menu on the Get to Work page (you may have to sign in to the site in order to see the selection).
    If 500 voter residences are your responsibility, over the 10 weeks prior to ballots dropping, plan to "contact" 50 voter residences or 10 per weekday. You can cut down on that number, of course, by leaving in the independents and sometime "R"s and not including those who reliably vote GOP every year. This year, some PCPs think it may be worthwhile contacting EVERYONE in the precinct: Democrat, Independent, GOP, etc.
  • Keep your flyer/contact materials with you at all times. You never know who you may run into, or where, so be ready to educate and inform voters.
  • Consider getting together with nearby precincts and share ideas, materials, and resources for use throughout the MCGOP, especially for the November election, when candidates from the primary will have been chosen. Buying in the higher quantities saves money for everyone.

The bottom line is this: we need to plan NOW! If you have other suggestions, please share them on the MCGOP website here or send an email. The more we work together the greater our success!

Be sure to follow MCGOP on Twitter @marioncogop, join us on Facebook, and check us out on the web at We have made some exciting changes to our website so be sure to spend a moment exploring all of the resources and information available to you.

In Liberty,

Marion County Republicans


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