MCRCC Weekly Wrap — January 16, 2014

Now that we are into an important political new year, you may wonder, just what is the Marion County GOP Executive Committee doing? Actually, members have been busy this past year building a base system and organization that helps Marion County GOP’s PCPs, so we can elect the best candidates. Here’s a brief summary:

Working to make Nation Builder (website that integrates information) useful for our county, so we don’t have to rely on any other database or website (which often are discarded after each election). Go HERE to find out more. (Nation Builder is how MCGOP runs most of its technology and communications support.) YOU can print walk lists and analyze your Precinct here.

Organizing multiple regional county meet-up events to reach out to voters, supporters, and PCPs. This includes the upcoming 2nd Amendment rally (Jan 19th at the Capitol) and the upcoming February Gun show. The MCGOP is also bringing candidates to forums to hear their ideas and political goals.

Created two videos for folks to use, one on SOS website and one showing the creation of precinct walk lists in Nation Builder for PCPs to use for their ground game. Each video is only about 10 minutes. Here are the links:

  • Search for info on the political money in Oregon by visiting this link…. Created by Janna Medina, our MCGOP Treasurer.
  • To create your own PRECINCT WALK LIST watch this video, put together by Jeff Heyen, Vice Chair of MCGOP

Instituted Precinct Committee Person TRAINING one hour before EVERY monthly Marion County GOP Central Committee Meeting. (Pam Kniffen and Jeff Heyen have been conducting these)

Using Social Media and other technology to raise money. Twitter, Facebook, MCGOP web page, Nation Builder, etc. adopted an easy method of acquiring financial contributions. The balance in the MCGOP checking account is growing! Also put together a very easy page on MCGOP website for contributions.

In essence, the Executive Committee is working hard to create useful resources for all PCPs to use. You can use them to help us change the direction of this country this November. Take advantage of these tools as you make plans to help your precinct vote the RIGHT way.

If you have questions (or suggestions) ask any of the Executive Committee: Here are some contacts:

David Darnell              Facebook, text/call 503.951.0415 or [email protected]

Jeff Heyen                   Facebook, text 503.580.3912, or [email protected]

Janna Medina             Facebook, text/call 503.931.1303 or [email protected]

Denise Quinn Nanke   Facebook, Twitter @beeshabomb2013 or [email protected]

Mark Anderson           Facebook, or [email protected]

Glenn Holum               Facebook, text/call 503.951.7630

Jacyn Gallagher          Facebook, or [email protected]

Be sure to follow MCGOP on Twitter @marioncogop, join us on Facebook, and check us out on the web at We have made some exciting changes to our website so be sure to spend a moment exploring all of the resources and information available to you.

In Liberty,

Marion County Republicans


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