Central Committee Adopts Resolution Opposing Recall

Senator Fred GirodAt its monthly meeting Thursday evening, 17 June, the Marion County Republican Central Committee passed without objection a resolution strongly denouncing the current recall effort against Marion County Republican senator Fred Girod (District 9 - Lyons). Central Committee members declared their resolve to "support Senator Fred Girod against this recall effort" and called on Republican residents of the district to "refuse to sign the petition."

Sen. Girod is facing a recall effort led by some upset over initial passage of SB 554-A by the Senate in March. Blaming the six Senate Republicans who did not walk out to deny quorum rather than the Democrat sponsors of the bill, the disgruntled firearms advocates found a resident of the district to be chief petitioner and filed their recall petition in early April. The "pissed-off Oregonians" have until Tuesday, 6 July, to turn in 8,900+ signatures to the Secretary of State.

Admittedly late to the game with this resolution, it also addresses potential recall efforts threatened against two eastern Oregon senators. A chief petitioner was only recently found to file a prospective petition last Monday, the 14th, targeting Sen. Lynn Findley (Dist. 30 - Vale). The petitioner, from Mt. Vernon in Grant County, still must submit templates for the cover sheet and signature page and form a committee before the petition can start circulation. At least 8,289 signatures will need to be collected by 12 September. Although Sen. Bill Hansell (Dist. 29 - Athena) has faced quite a strong backlash for his vote on SB 554, even death threats, no one in the district has yet stepped up to lead a recall effort. Given the common reason all three senators are under threat of recall, it is easy to see Oregon Firearms Federation fingerprints all over.

Below is the full text of the resolution adopted 17 June by the Marion County Republican Central Committee:

Resolution supporting Sen. Girod


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