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 I hope your family had a wonderful Mother's Day this past weekend. I know my family did. Joan got to sleep in while the girls and I made breakfast and cleaned the kitchen and living room. Joan was a little skeptical of what the outcome would be, but luckily I am a super kitchen cleaner, even if our two year old and four year old are still building their skills! And let's just say one of our girls won the competition to give Mom the best Mother's Day present...

Mothers' Day card

 Last week, we not only celebrated our moms but in Marion County we also celebrated our Sheriff's deputies and the nurses and staff who work in our jail. They put in long hours and face difficult situations every day. They do it with such big hearts for our community. I am so grateful for their work. You can see the presentation here at the 20 minute mark.

County Park tour County Parks tour

Last week Commissioner Cameron and I also took a tour of a few of the parks that are managed by Marion County. We are blessed to have so many beautiful parks in our community.

 While we were out in Scotts Mills, Commissioner Cameron and I got to inspect one of our bridges that is scheduled for repair...I am grateful to our Public Works Department for making our safety a priority!

Scotts Mills bridge

If you'd ever like to swing by the County offices to visit or if there is something on your mind please let me know. It's an honor to serve you as your commissioner.

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