Mark Callahan — Congressional Dist 5

Mark CallahanClackamas County (and former Marion County) Republican Mark Callahan, an information technology consultant now living in Oregon City, handily won the nod of 5th District Republicans, garnering about 61% of the votes both district-wide and in Marion County.

He is likely familiar to county and district voters, having run in 2014 and 2016 for U.S. Senate against the Democrat incumbents. He is often accompanied on the campaign trail by either his wife or his two daughters, making this campaign very much a family affair.

Mark is not shy when it comes to discussing how his faith forms the foundation to his perspective on issues facing the district. He also boldly calls out the incumbent for bowing under the pressures of the D.C. environment of moneyed interests while vowing that his faith will undergird his resistance to those pressures.

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