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Republicans voteRemember the oath you took upon becoming a PCP? That oath is what gives you the key to this page and the manual behind it.

We have pledged to participate in the activities of a Precinct Committee Person to the best of [our] abilities. Among those activities are:

  • Support the election of Republican candidates
  • Uphold the principles and public policies in accordance with the Oregon Republican Party platform
  • Serve my office with distinction, honor, and integrity

The bottom line is that we will do that which is in the best interests of our Party. This manual is NOT for public dissemination. It is a tool to be used exclusively to advance our cause and increase our voting base and membership in order to spread our impact in Marion County, the Willamette Valley, and ultimately the State of Oregon. The PCP Manual here is proprietary to the Oregon Republican Party and revised specially for Marion County Republicans. Keep it close and use wisely.

Download the manual so that you can store it on your own system and print the pages as you need them. Typically the manual will be updated annually so you should return here each year when we let you know we have posted the new version.

For a Conservative Majority,

Marion County Republican Precinct Chair

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