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Sen. Kim Thatcher
Will Portland Have Any Businesses Left? November 2022

Dear Friends,

You may have seen this recent Facebook post about crime in Portland found in this article!

Perhaps you saw this recent report you can now find on YouTube by KGW8 about the organized retail theft.

After reading these two stories you may be asking as I am, "Will Portland have any businesses left?" The blatant theft, the impact of breakins into businesses, the destruction of business property, rampant homelessness and other crimes are making it harder and harder on businesses. Who would want to come to downtown Portland after the lawlessness that has been allowed there? What business would move their operations to Portland after extreme leftist leadership have allowed nights of riots by antifa and others to control downtown Portland? Isn't it time we call crime what it is, and allow law enforcement to protect citizens? Taxpayers pay taxes to be protected, but Portland extreme leftists and Oregon's extreme leftist elite are not allowing our streets to be safe.

Help me today to stand for safety by voting for me, Kim Thatcher, donating to my campaign, and volunteering to help get the vote out (ideas below)!

Thank you so much,


Kim Thatcher
[email protected]

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# 1: Make your political action tax credit donation today! Remember, as explained below (and there is a button to use to donate now), this can be free money that comes out as a dollar for dollar reduction of your Oregon State Income Taxes. There are last-minute expenses that your donation will help cover so we can reach more voters and turn them out to vote

# 2: You can volunteer with a local Republican party. The Marion County Republican Party is very active and supporting the turnout of Republicans and other identified voters who support my election, so please go to the website and find out how you can help. There is also an image below and a link found there. Phoning and distributing literature about the campaign can help to remind and encourage uninformed voters to vote!

# 3: Talk to your friends. Do you have friends you can encourage to vote? Talk at church and other social events about your concerns with high crime, high prices, and child safety and the need to vote your values. Use your social media or direct contacts to encourage your friends to vote. Surprisingly many people who remain aloof from elections can be encouraged to vote.

#4: Would you help me financially? You can use your Political Action Tax Credit. You might be thinking, in the midst of these tough times, that you don't have any extra money to help in my campaign. Fortunately, Oregon has a one-of-a-kind tool to help you help my campaign. It's called the OREGON POLITICAL ACTION TAX CREDIT. Almost every Oregon State income taxpayer (some are excluded if they make too much money - check paragraph (3) for details) can take $50 per individual and send those dollars to a political action committee (PAC) and get every dollar back as a credit. Would you send my PAC $50 or $100 today to help me connect and fight to win my election? Remember that your contribution, up to $50 per filing individual or $100 per couple filing jointly could qualify for Oregon Political Action Tax Credit and cost you NOTHING! Read more here from my friend Bill Post!

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