Highlight on Public Safety

Sen. Kim Thatcher
Can We Make Our Streets and Communities Safe Again? September 2022

Dear Friends,

Most of you probably heard about this situation in Keizer late last week. The KGW story is here.

This never should have happened. Not because the homeowner did anything wrong, but because crime in Oregon, even in little old Keizer, is on the rise, thanks to the same old "soft on crime" Democrat politics and policies in Governor Brown's office and the Tina-Kotek-led legislature. I am a "law and order" State Senator now and will stay that way when you send me back to the Oregon State Senate. Together we can make our streets and communities safe again. I promise to fight for our communities.

1. I will fight to expand police funding, training, and support to keep us safe.
2. I want to increase penalties for sex offenders and violent criminals.
3. I will support District Attorneys as they work to take violent and dangerous criminals off our streets.
4. I will always fight to help reduce crime and make sure kids have the best chance to succeed no matter their family’s circumstances.

I'm glad the homeowner is safe but I'm sorry that someone had to die. This must end and I will do all that I can as your State Senator to see that it does!



Kim Thatcher
[email protected]

Oregon Sheriffs' endorsement

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