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Sen. Kim Thatcher
Higher and Higher Gas Prices October 2022

Dear Friends,

Have you seen gasoline prices? Thank Kate Brown and Richard Walsh for your high gas prices. In fact, the wishes of the liberal Democrats would be for you to pay even higher gas prices. Someone has said that, were it not for the Senate walkout in 2019, in which I participated, Oregonians might be paying as much as $8 a gallon!

Of course, high gas prices not only hit you every time you refill your tank, but every time you go to buy anything! Have you tried to: rent a car, buy bacon, buy a used car, buy a house, buy lumber, buy an airline ticket, stay in a hotel? Under Kate Brown's leadership, Oregonians are struggling to buy food, gas up their cars, find affordable housing, go on vacation, drive to their kid's game, heat their homes this winter, or eat out at a restaurant. If you haven't directly felt the impact of the terrible economy, you will. With winter coming up, rain on the way, travel to relatives for holiday events, we are all going to be deeply affected by the Biden/Kate Brown economy. My opponent has bought in fully to this ideology of control via inflation and has plans for $10 million worth of new, or increased taxes if he gets elected. Join me in protecting Oregon's families by voting for me on election day!

YOU can make the difference. Don't forget that you have the Oregon Political Tax Credit! When you donate $50 per individual or $100 per couple to a Political Action Committee, you receive that entire amount back as a credit on your 2022 taxes (see additional note below)!

Would you be willing to donate $25, $50, $100 or more to help me secure this seat and possibly give the Oregon State Senate majority to Republicans?

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Thank you so much,


Kim Thatcher
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Would you help me financially? You can use your Political Action Tax Credit. You might be thinking, in the midst of these tough times, that you don't have any extra money to help in my campaign. Fortunately, Oregon has a one-of-a-kind tool to help you help my campaign. It's called the OREGON POLITICAL ACTION TAX CREDIT. Almost every Oregon State income taxpayer (some are excluded if they make too much money - check paragraph (3) for details) can take $50 per individual and send those dollars to a political action committee (PAC) and get every dollar back as a credit. Would you send my PAC $50 or $100 today to help me connect and fight to win my election? Remember that your contribution, up to $50 per filing individual or $100 per couple filing jointly could qualify for Oregon Political Action Tax Credit and cost you NOTHING! Read more here from my friend Bill Post!

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