Memorial Highlights Crime

Sen. Kim Thatcher
A Sad Memorial October 2022

Dear Friends,

Violent crime causes long-term pain! Not only to the victim, but to the victim's family and friends. The crime leaves scars on the victim or an empty place among the victim's family and friends. October 21, 2022 marked the 30-year anniversary of Lisa Doell's murder. Lisa was the 12-year-old child and daughter of an anti-crime fighting leader, Steve Doell. Steve never wanted to be an anti-crime leader, but when you lose your precious 12-year-old daughter, you might say, as Steve did, “As you know, to me she is and always will be my beautiful 12-year-old daughter….” Quite a motivation to help fight crime so others don't have to go through what you have been put through!

The teenager who ran Lisa down with his car said he wanted to see what it felt like to kill someone. Lisa represents why we need to advocate for crime victims and hold criminals accountable for their crimes. It is also why we must change Oregon's leadership!

Under extreme left leadership, Portland recorded 90 murders in 2021.That set a sad new, record.Their leadership will put others at risk and sadly make for more Lisa Doells. Let's change that!

May Lisa continue to rest in peace….

Thank you so much,


Kim Thatcher
[email protected]

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