Medical Freedom

Sen. Kim Thatcher
Why I Petitioned a Grand Jury October 2022

Dear Friends,

What happened to Medical Freedom? Many of you might be aware of my stand for Medical Freedom. During the 2019 session, many fought against the move to require vaccines for children. I stood with those who fought for Medical Freedom. Then Covid happened and our Medical Freedoms were gone. Many lost their jobs because they would not agree to the demands to take a vaccine. Many people were looking for answers to their questions regarding Covid.

As part of my own looking into what happened during Covid, Senator Linthicum and I, along with others, petitioned the United States District Court for the District of Oregon – Portland Division. As many are aware, we petitioned for a Grand Jury investigation with regard to potential willful misconduct and criminal negligence by key players within the overgrown federal public health bureaucracy.

You can watch our interview to get a current update on our petition's status here. You can find out more by clicking on one of the four emails Senator Linthicum has written here: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Sen. Linthicum and I appreciate your support and we need your help as we push to help people exercise their right to petition and hold bad-actors accountable for negligence and wrong-doing. You can help today by helping me get re-elected!

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Kim Thatcher
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