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Sen. Kim Thatcher
Vote to Bring Back Our Jobs October 2022

Dear Friends,

Our Facebook page recently posted the following, along with a link to an article published in the Oregon Catalyst:

Oregon families and small businesses need tax relief!!

While jobs in Idaho are up 155%, Oregon jobs remain down. The article compares the job situation between Oregon and Idaho, and Oregon pales when compared to Idaho and notes that while Idaho has completely recovered from the pandemic, Oregon hasn’t. Ask yourself, "Why?".

The answer to that question is found in the article when it says, "While Idaho cut income taxes by $600 million during the pandemic, Oregon did the exact opposite by passing a 17% tax increase on small family businesses. The difference couldn't be clearer."

Oregon must change course immediately as our families cannot afford the taxes enacted by Governor Kate Brown, much less when added to the new taxes the Biden administration is working to pass right now! Please join me and my campaign to stand with Oregon's hard working families, and against the economic attacks of Oregon's current tax and spend leadership.

Please ensure that you are registered and ready to vote for me. If you missed our recent fundraiser, you can still give at the link below.

Help me prepare to win, by donating at: kimthatcher.com/donate.



Kim Thatcher
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Idaho is Hiring

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