Eliza or Abston?

Sen. Kim Thatcher
Don't forget Eliza Fletcher October 2022

Dear Friends,

Governor Kate Brown has let out over 1000 violent criminals.

Eliza Fletcher simply went for her morning jog. Something she enjoyed and had done many times. Eliza was a young mother and a beloved kindergarten teacher at a Christian School in Memphis, Tennessee. While jogging, she was chased down, forced into a van and then murdered by Cleotha Abston, a person who should have been in jail! A convicted kidnapper and rapist, he was out on early release.

As Oregon's Governor Kate Brown continues to release hardened criminals (here is a link to one letter describing who the Governor has released [PDF]), like Abston, one wonders how long it will be until Oregon has its own tragic and sad story like Eliza Fletcher? As a mother of my own daughters, I am fighting hard to make laws that protect people like Eliza. Unfortunately, progressive/liberals like our Governor Brown have a different view of crime and punishment. Help me make Oregon a safer place again!

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Kim Thatcher
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