Big Challenge

Sen. Kim Thatcher
Will You Help Me With a Big Challenge? September 2022

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, I currently serve as the Senator in SD 13. After redistricting, a process that takes place every 10 years, I am now in SD 11. The district boundaries changed and my residence is in the new SD 11. SD 13 was a tough race, as I am a Republican and there were 3,000 more Democrats in that district, but I still won! Thank you to all who voted for me in SD 13. Now, in SD 11, my deficit is even greater. There are 5,000 more Democrats than Republicans in the district for which I am now running.

I like challenges and I have taken on that challenge to run for SD 11. I know the numbers and I am working hard to win. I am taking on this new challenge as I believe that many voters are fed up with things the way they are. Our one party control of Oregon is ruining this wonderful state. We all clearly remember the lockdowns and mask mandates we endured during Covid-19. Many of you read my earlier email about schools and parents. Adding to these unfortunate issues, we are all paying exorbitant prices for gasoline. We would be paying even more, if not for the Senate Republican walkout that I was part of in 2019. This walkout stopped the supposed “cap and trade” bill that Governor Brown and the progressives tried to push through. How would you like $8 per gallon gasoline? That would have been the result if the governor’s “cap and trade” bill would have passed.

Crime is up over 40% and some of you have probably had direct personal experience with that. The murder rate is soaring in Portland. The list goes on.

On a brighter note, I have been very happy to receive the endorsement of many fine groups as I run for this important seat. Many believe that it is critical I win this election for SD 11. It may be the difference between control of the Senate for Republicans and continued control by the progressive liberals. If I win, and Republicans have control of the Senate, that change would mean a new positive direction for Oregon away from high prices, high crime, poor education results, lockdowns, mask mandates, releasing of hardened criminals, homeless crises, etc.

Here are the endorsements I have received:

Please ensure that you are registered and ready to vote for me. Please join me at my fundraiser, details found below. And please encourage your friends and neighbors to vote for me!

Help me prepare to win, by donating at: RSVP for the fundraiser by sending an email to [email protected].



Kim Thatcher
[email protected]

October 1 fundraiser

Would you help me financially? You can use your Political Action Tax Credit. You might be thinking, in the midst of these tough times, that you don't have any extra money to help in my campaign. Fortunately, Oregon has a one-of-a-kind tool to help you help my campaign. It's called the OREGON POLITICAL ACTION TAX CREDIT. Almost every Oregon State income taxpayer (some are excluded if they make too much money - check paragraph (3) for details) can take $50 per individual and send those dollars to a political action committee (PAC) and get every dollar back as a credit. Would you send my PAC $50 or $100 today to help me connect and fight to win my election? Remember that your contribution, up to $50 per filing individual or $100 per couple filing jointly could qualify for Oregon Political Action Tax Credit and cost you NOTHING! Read more here from my friend Bill Post!

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