Sen. Kim Thatcher — Senate Dist 13

Sen. Kim ThatcherSince her 2004 election to the State House of Representatives in a mini tax revolt, Sen. Kim Thatcher has unwaveringly held to her conviction that government must be transparent and limited. As she completes her first term as a senator, she has earned the reputation for being a strong taxpayer watchdog and advocate for government accountability. She has also been a leader in both the effort to bring sensible immigration policies to our state as well as protecting our Second Amendment rights. Above all else, she has a deep conviction in protecting both the Federal and State constitutions.

Sen. Thatcher has a rare combination of grit and grace. Obviously, the Democrats recognize that this combination is formidable. Once again, as happened when she served in the House, Sen. Thatcher faces a Democrat opponent not chosen by the voters of the district. Because Paul Diller, the winner of the Democrat primary failed to count the cost, Democrats in convention at Wilsonville on 28 July selected his opponent Sarah Grider, the only person willing to be considered.

Since her first election in 2014, Republicans have lost most of the registration edge they hold in the district, due primarily to substantial population growth in Clackamas and Washington counties. Even so, Sen. Thatcher received nearly 1,000 votes (including the write-in votes she received to win the nomination of the IPO) more than the combined totals of the two Democrats.

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